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“Chart Reading and Horoscope Analysis not only prepare the native for future challenges and troubles but also helps them understand their emotional and spiritual energies and path. Often people fail to understand their own emotional needs and compatibility, which causes many problems in life. An experienced astrologer not only provides remedies based on chart but also acts as guide to help native to sail through tough times.”



The Horoscope of Native also provides an easy way to get a better life through remedies. All Ancient Civilizations, knew this and had have developed many ways to correct and harness different planetary energies.

I strictly follow methods and rituals taught to us by Vedas (Highest Books of Hinduism) and teachings of great ancient sages of India. These so vast in nature that one cannot learn whole in a lifetime, but due to my strong traditional foundation, I try to bring as much as possible this divine knowledge to people in need. Numerous people have benefited with these remedies and have experienced such positive change in their life, that many of them have started daily practice of spiritual life and aim for a higher purpose than material.

Most effective remedies are mantras based on your chart. A mantra is specific prayer aimed to achieve a specific goal for the person chanting it. They also reduce karmic debt of person.

Gemstones of nine planets are widely used to correct planetary energies in body. Gemstones can enhance positive energies and suppress negativity as they are a constant source of energy for the person wearing it.

Yantras are third on the list. Yantra works like machine and creates a sanctum where it placed. There are Yantras for various different reasons and types. Yantras always activated by a mantra and can enhance the mantra power to 100 times. 

Rituals and ceremonies are also needed to please or pacify specific deities or ward off evil spirits. A  trained and qualified priest is need to perform such elaborate rituals. These are expensive and  complex, and should only be used as last resort when the above methods cannot be performed. 

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