Planets & Destiny

zodiacPlanets and Destiny

The Stars have a very unique for revealing the destiny. It is only at the moment of creation of being that his whole life cycle is decided, based on the energy cosmos and planetary combination in the native’s horoscope is representation of same.

The whole life-cycle of person can be perceived from his/her birth horoscope, the nine planets and ascendant are the ten variables that make each person so distinct in personality and destiny. This variation is so minute that even identical twins who are born minutes apart will have different destiny waiting for them.

Need of Real Traditional Astrology 

Vedic Astrology not only teaches us how to see destiny of the native but also helps us to understand the underlying energy and karmic debt which lead to birth of native. A proper vedic astrologer not only helps to understand the native his destiny and overcomes the difficult times and also helps to achieve the purpose of life.


Ancient Hindu Scared Texts like Vedas and Purans teach as different rituals, mantras and spiritual techniques to enhance, pacify and suppress planetary energies based on persons composition as seen in his horoscope. The planetary energies can be activated in a desired way to achieve a certain objective, be it for professional, personal, health or marital purpose.

Consultations are provided to people in need. Horoscope analysis, chart reading and remedies based one’s horoscope provide for any malefic and bad combinations in horoscope.


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