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Shree Lakshmi

Chart Reading 90 Mins

Standard Chart Reading includes full and in detail analysis of chart, dasas, afflictions to planets in main divisional charts including D1 (Rasi), D7 (Saptamsa), D9 (Navamsa) and D10 (Dasamsa). Therefore it will include all the major parts of life, like, health, fortune, marriage, children and profession. Additional divisional charts are also examined in case of need. Remedies are also included, based on the chart.


Chart Reading 90 Mins (International)


Horoscope Reading

4,200 ₹

2. Single Query and Remedy

Persons have a certain single doubt in their mind or problem can opt for this. The question will be analysed based on their horoscope and a certain answer and remedy will be provided to them. Questions related to relationship and marriage not included.

Short Horoscope Reading 40 Mins (International)


Short Reading 40 Mins (Indian)

2,300 ₹

Direct Account Payments

Indian Nationals can pay directly into Bank Account via Cash or Wire Transfer

Akshat Pandey

IDBI Bank Allahabad

 Account No. 0199104000143516

IFSC:  IBKL0000199


PayTm: +91 770 599 5854

Tez:   +91 770 599 5854

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