Navamsa meaning & Houses in Navamsa with example charts. Navamsa houses are very different from Rashi, how to interpret the chart of destiny.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn’s transit into Aquarius, affects the whole zodiac. See how your zodiac is affected and what mantras are best for you.

Transit of Rahu & Ketu into Aries & Libra

Transit of Rahu and Ketu into Aries and Libra, creates new problems for Aries, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius people. If you have any planets or your Ascendant in these signs then you should know what Remedies to follow.

I am consulting Akshat ji from 2018 and that too our first chat was accidental, I was very stressed out about few topics in my life and had written a msg to him. I thought at first he would not reply to this but he did. He gave me his contact info & we had a talk.. the most important thing here was, he heard me like my close friend first..he saw my horoscope & told me why am facing this kind of situation & also provided me with remedies. Also that time he did predict about one of the govt job opportunity which is on the way he said.. to my swear, his words came true. Akshat is very talented person, he has very sound knowledge in astrology & as well in person he is humble in nature. His predictions are 100% accurate and reliable. I would only prefer him for any astrology related queries and no one else. Thank you for everything Akshat ji.

Akshatji explains horoscope very clearly, he don’t hide anything and i really appreciate that he take follow up also.

Akshat ji had helped me sail thru troubled waters thru his vedic expertise. The crowning gem of his method of astrology that sets him apart from other astrologers is that he works like an expert surgeon dissecting all the 12 houses and their associated permutations on the clients horoscope . He generally focuses on the minute details that are usually missed or not looked into..but these tiny details can set the cogs running in a different motion altogether. Moreover and most importantly his simple remedies work effectively and are in sync with the modern mode of life which is monotonous. I have always recommended akshat ji to my kith and kin in times of difficulty in understanding the language of the divine