Holi Celebrations: A Prayer To Shri Krishna

A Very Pleasant & Happy Holi To All

The festival of colours is celebrated as a tribute to Shri Vishnu. 

We worship Shri Krishna who is Yuga Avatar for this Kali Yuga, as he is the only saviour for our souls in Kali Yuga, and can grant us freedom from all worries of mind, and set us free. 

We offer the first colour and sweets to Shri Krishna, then we celebrate Holi. 

We chant this beautiful Mantra of Shri Krishna praying Him to take us under is shelter, and remove all weakness from our lives. When He protects not even the mighty Indra can touch. The following mantra can be chanted by everyone to remove all types of bondages, obstacles, weakness and shortcomings in oneself. 

श्री कृष्ण शरणं मम

ṣri kriśna śaranam mama

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