Lunar Eclipse July 5, 2020

Start of Lunar Eclipse: 8:37 am
Maximum Eclipse Point: 9:59 am
End of Lunar Eclipse: 11:22 am

Affected Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn & Aquarius.

The lunar eclipse has the energy to manifest in desires in the world. The Moon with all its Maya when eclipsed my Ketu creates a very powerful energy. Any mantra done during an eclipse is very powerful.
There also two deities that can be worshipped during an eclipse, to grant complete protection and blessing.

  1. Shri Narasimha
  2. Devi Bagulamukhi

There are only two who can not be eclipsed at all. Their energy is of extremely powerful Mars, as one the mother of Mars and other the Avatar of Mars.
So we will worship Shri Narasimha as Vishnu Avatar can be worshipped by anyone and does not require many rules as in the case of Mahavidya Bagulamukhi Devi.
During the time of the eclipse is very beneficial to chant the Narasimha Mantra. The mantra done during this time is very powerful and grants a lot of blessings and protection to the Native.
Chant the following mantra during the eclipse time:

ॐ क्ष्रौं नमो भगवते नृसिंहाये। om kṣrauṁ namo bhagavate nṛsiṁhāye |

Dos & Donts During Eclipse

  • Do not eat anything
  • Do not use any sharp objects
  • Do not start any new work.
  • Do your chanting only. No other worship is to be done. Mantra chanting is different from Pooja (Worship).
  • Wash your deities and place of worship after eclipse i.e the next morning.

Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse

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