Deadly Conjunctions: Mars & Rahu (Kuja Sthambana)


Mars in Vedic astrology is called by many names, but the best one is Mangal. The word “Mangal” means auspicious, or to do good. Using the name Mangal removes the destructive power of Mars.
Mars represents our energy, strength and courage on the positive side. A negative Mars represents cruelty, violence, suppression, fighting and quarrelling.

Why is Mars an important planet? We need our strength to survive and compete in life. Mars is the significator of the 3rd house, which shows our strength, courage, siblings and our enterprise ability. Mars is also the lord of the 1st and 8th house (Aries & Scorpio) in the Natural Zodiac. There is a lot to discuss about Mars, which can be studied from any standard text.

Mars Rahu Relation

Mars is highly inimical to Rahu and they are constantly in battle. Mars is the General of the Army of God and Rahu is General of the Demon Army. Mars is a straight fighter and does not devious methods in fighting. Rahu on the other hand does not fight straight and will always backstab Mars. This the reason Mars can never win a fight against Rahu until He gets help from Shri Vishnu.

Kuja Sthambana

Kuja is another name of Mars. Kuja means a bad birth. The birth of Mars was not considered auspicious so many named Mars Kuja. I do not recommend using this name for Mars.
Sthambana means to stab or kill. The yoga of Mars & Rahu is called Kuja Sthambana meaning death of Mars.

This Yoga is very malefic as it destroys Mars. This results in serious damage to the native because

  1. The houses ruled by Mars are demolished
  2. The 3rd house is seriously damaged
  3. The significance of Mars is lost.
  4. This yoga is extremely deadly in AL3 and the 12th, 8th and 2nd houses of Navamsa

(AL3 is the third house from Arudha Lagna. This house shows the circumstances of death. Malefic yogas here show bad death.)

Case 1: Death During Pregnancy

The native was a female who passed away during pregnancy. Four planets are conjunct in the 5th house Sun, Mars Mercury and Rahu. Multiple Yogas are coming into play such as Kuja Sthambana, Aditya Chandala Yoga, Nipuna Yoga. Due to Parivartana (exchange) between Sun and Jupiter, Gopala Yoga and Guru Chandala Yoga is also forming. The 5th house is in a complete mess.

Since Mars is conjoined Rahu the houses of mars are getting destroyed. Here the 4th house and 9th house are ruled by Mars.
In Stree Jataka (Female Horoscopy) the 9th house is the house of pregnancy. As soon as the native got pregnant, the 9th house and its lord Mars got activated. The moment Mars became active Rahu killed Mars. The houses owned by Mars also got destroyed.
We see AL (Arudha Lagna) is also in the 9th house is also destroyed. Destruction of AL means death. The 4th house is Scorpio where “pp” (Pranapada) is placed is also destroyed. Pranapada is our life force.

This malefic yoga in the 5th house is also aspecting Gemini by Rashi dristi (Aspect of Signs) which is the 3rd house from AL. All these factors lead to the demise of the native during pregnancy.

Case 2: Autistic Child

Again we see Sun, Mars and Rahu conjoined in the 7th house. This also the bhadhaka house and its lord Mercury is sitting in the 6th house showing severe problems from black magic.
The 9th lord Sun is also here conjoined Rahu, telling the first pregnancy won’t survive and will be a miss carriage. From the second pregnancy, a son was born. The native’s 5th house is destroyed which shows children. As Mars, the 5th lord is conjoined Rahu and in Marana Karaka Sthana. The son born is autistic and the native is facing a hard time raising him.

Case 3: No Children

Mars, Jupiter and Rahu are conjoined in the Ascendant. There is an exchange between Sun and Mars also. There are multiple yogas are being formed but the most prominent ones are Guru Chandala and Kuja Sthambana. The native is a lady and after several years of struggle and medical help also was not able to conceive a child.

Since Mars is being destroyed by Rahu, the houses owned by Mars 9th and 4th are also hit. But the 9th house is the house of pregnancy it has nothing to do with the conception of a child. A child is conceived in the 5th house from Venus. Here Venus is in the 5th house, so we count the 5th house from Venus it maps to the 9th house. So here the problem more severe and the native cannot even conceive a baby. Looking carefully, it can be said that all houses that denote child and childbirth are badly afflicted.

Case 4: No Marriage & Business Loss

The native has Khuja Sthambana in the 2nd house. Mars rules the 2nd and 7th houses and both these houses are getting destroyed. Even though Mars is its sign and powerful but conjoined debilitated (Ayus) Rahu has caused enough damage. The whole energy of Shri has gone from this chart. (The 2nd and 7th houses make Shrimanta Yoga). The native did not get married. He was not able to find a suitable spouse as there is no 7th house. Business also comes from the 7th house and he is facing many hardships. The 2nd house is accumulated wealth which is also not there.

Note the curse and blockage of Venus too.


  1. Meen lagna. Rahu in 5th, Chandra in 6th , Guru+ Shani in 7th, Shukra in 10th and Surya,Budh,Mangal and Ketu in 11th..Are Mangal,Budh,Rahu , Ketu all planets in stambhana here by Ragu,Ketu,Budh and Guru respectively?? And in a way Guru and Shani stambhana by Surya and Mangal (prominent 9th drishti) plus Shukra by Chandra (5th drishti).. your comments


  2. In an parivartana yoga, it feels like you are moving planets in your analysis but in my understanding, only signs move, my question to you is if the signs move will rahu, ketu and corresponding arudhas also move with them?


    1. Signs and planets both move. As their is no hard rule for parivartanas, we need to decide what will move. At times planets don’t move sign and at times planets move. Arudhas don’t move as they will shift a particular image. We have to judge. Rahu and Ketu does move in parivartana


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