Horocsope Reading – India Rs 4200

The standard futurology includes birth chart analysis or initial consultation. Overview of the birth chart with a focus on the major themes and events of life with the objective of harmonizing or optimizing the goals with the available resources. Provides insight into karmic patterns and advises on remedial measures to mitigate negative influences. Ideally you should choose to focus on any one (or few) major area(s) of life to make the reading very meaningful.

Here are some topics

  • Health, Diet & Nutrition
  • Wealth management
  • Personal Image, Style & Creativity,
  • Education and learning
  • Children, adoption, relationships
  • Legal Issues etc or any other specific area
  • Relationships, Marriage including all kinds of relationships including family, spouse, etc.
  • Disease & Recovery
  • Parents, elders
  • Career development, financial goals
  • Past Karma reflecting on this life and strange experiences
  • Spiritual path or direction

This reading is also for

  • Follow up discussions/spiritual lessons
  • Annual Horoscopy based on Tithi Praveśa Chakra to check upcoming themes and events for the current year. This is ideally done preceding the birthday each year.
  • Interpretation of Advance Divisional Charts like D9 (Navamsa), D10 (Dasamsa), D16 (Shodasamsa), D30 (Trimshamsa) etc.

…anything else that you can think of or that bothers you.

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