Importance of Guru in our lives.

ॐ गुरवे नम:

As our society is advancing, have you ever wondered by people being so highly educated are low on morals. Kids now days despite of their high intelligence are getting mischievous and falling into wrong paths of life. India which used be land of saints and good people, have reached in an era where crimes are rising and women don’t feel safe.

The downfall of the India society began will the destruction of Gurukuls and commercialisation of education. In ancient India pupils were required to stay with Guru in gurukuls and learn there. Guru only taught them various curriculum subjects but also ensured that each pupil developed high moral standards and spirituality.

The pupils as they lived with the Guru only learned everything from him only, Guru replaced father and became an important part of their life. The pupils imbibed Guru’s qualities over a period of time as they learned Sastra from him. By the time the pupils matured and turned into men, they have solid character and high dharma.

This was the reason India was so advance in ancient times and crimes were so less, women were respected and safe, but today complete reversal have happened. Education is just a business and focus is on creating students who are good at work but what about social and moral values.

Children spend much of there time in schools in which most of the focus is on curriculum and moral values are neglected. They are not taught the value of true and to differentiate between right and wrong.

PS: I was also a misguided student who only found his Guru after the end my Law School, By His grace I am able to find the right path.

Om Gurave Namah

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