Rudraksha: Importance & Significance

Rudraksha means tear drops of Rudra or Shiva. Shiva has various forms, Highest being Sada Shiva or Param Shiva (holder of the purest form of nectar) .

Shiva takes of form of Ekadash Rudra (11 Rudras). Rudra means to cry. We cry when some one dies. Till time we have the blessing to Rudra we are alive, the moment he comes to take, there are tears.

It is stated in The Shiva Maha Puran when Shiva was in deep mediation, due the immense pleasure of such a long and deep meditation tears fell from his eyes on the earth. The places where these tears fell, Rudraksha trees grew. They are believed to carry the energy of Shiva.

The Quality of Rudraksha is that it imbibes the cosmic energy of “OM” and the person wearing it is protected and receives good luck, as the Rudraksha forms a powerful kavach (Sheild) around the person wearing it.

There are various forms of Rudraksha from One Mukhi to 21 Mukhi. Mukhi is number of grooves present on the Rudraksha. Each Mukhi Rudraksha gives a different result, so based on your need choose a suitable Rudraksha.

The reason for writing this post is because people are often misguided and spend a lot of money of buying Rudraksha but they don’t know how to activate the energy of the Rudraksha they wear.

Every Rudraksha has its own Devata (Form of Shiva) and its one Beeja mantra. When the person wearing the Rudraksha enchants these two things the Rudraksha gets activated then only. Simply wearing the Rudraksha does not help much.

  1. Note: The First Rudraksha is not 1 Mukhi, it is often believed but is not. The First Rudraksha is Chandra Mukhi not 1 Mukhi.

It also have to be noted every Rudraksha have to maintained on a regular basis. Therefore it is advisable that if you want to wear a Rudraksha ask your Astrologer about these things.

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