Aries (Mesh)

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Aries is the 1st Zodiac Sign in the Natural Zodiac (KaalPurusha). It is a fire sign with its Lord Mangal, and is represented by a Mountain Goat (Ram).

People born in Aries (Moon Sign or Ascendant) are bold, courageous and brave. They might be lazy and aristocratic by inherent nature as Aries is only royal sign that denotes King. This due to the fact that Aries is exaltation sign of Sun. These poeple love mountains and love to reside by rivers.

Aries people are problem solvers, they must worship Ganesh as people will always come to them for solutions of their problems.

Mangal as its lord, will give good fighting and administration abilities and these people may find good job opportunities in Law enforcement and Administration.

Aries people should always be careful from treachery and backstabbing. Rahu is sworn enemy of Mangal and these people in their lifetime will surely experience one big backstabbing or treachery. It is only Vishnu who helps Mangal to defeat Rahu. Mangal has unflinching faith in Vinsu and that is why is able to defeat Rahu always. Therefore Aries people must worship Ganesh and Vishnu throughout their life for good results.

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Vedic Astrologer

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