Mars in 7th House: Effects and Analysis

Om Ramaye Namah

Om Bhaumaye Namah



Mars in 7th house is very specific combination. It plays a very major role in the native’s life.

Firstly Mars in 7th house is in Marana Karaka Sthana. The native will be fearless, and will have support from younger siblings.

Secondly the native will see a lot of fight in his life, and if proper remedies are done these fights will make the native very famous and respectable.

Thirdly, people will always pay heed or listen to natives advise. Mangal causes such person to be good speakers.

Fourthly, with the help of proper remedies the native will always defeat his/her enemies.

Fifthly, the native will love sweets, and may have diabetes in later part of life.

Sixthly, The native is manglik in nature and first marriage may break if done without remedies. Mangal does delay marriages, but it may get you married to a wrong person. Navamsa will clear most of the picture.

Lastly, the people with Mars in 7th house are very generous, kind and giving (subject to other placements) and should practise non violence. There people should never curse anyone, as their curses have the power to fructify.

Worship Hanuman everyday for basic protection.

Akshat Pandey

Vedic scholar and Astrologer.
Consultations @ +91 7705995854



Planetary Placement, Vedic Astrology

Written by Akshat Pandey

Akshat Pandey, belongs to a brahim family from Prayagraj, India. He completed his Law School, from prestigious Symbiosis Law School. After graduation he was initiated into a 500 year old Jyotish Parampara (Vedic Astrology Tradition) of Shri Achutadasa, Jagannath Puri. He practices vedic astrology from Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, Upadesa Sutra of Maharashi Jaimini and other various vedic texts. His approach to vedic astrology is very modern one, as he wants to imbibe vedic knowledge in our modern lifestyle.

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