Cancer Ascendant & Mars

Cancer Ascendant people are mostly calm and composed if the Moon is well placed and is devoid of any malefic association. These people usually suffer once in life due to relationship matters.

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Mars is Yogakaraka for Cancer

Mars is most planet for Cancerian people because Mars owns the 5th and 10 houses in their chart. This means that there fame, children and work are both governed by Mars. If Mars is placed well then these two house will always rise.

Take the example of Lord Ram, He is Cancer Ascendant with Exalted Mars in 7th House. The Marana Karaka Sthana of Mars in 7th House is cancelled due to exaltation. Mars always helped him in his all battles. Here Hanuman is Mars as the ruling deity of the planet. Hanuman always protected Shri Ram and helped in his all endeavours.

Therefore it is very important to have Mars well placed in chart for Cancerian people.

What if Mars is Placed in Ascendant  in Cancer. Mars in Cancer is Debilitated. That means Mars loses all its goodness or power and is in the state of falling down. This shows that the native with debilitated Mars might have anger issues or may resolve to violence if Jupiter is also weak in chart.

Due to placement of Mars in Ascendant, the native has a lot of heat (fire) in head i.e. get angry easily, and if he/she wears the gemstone of Mars i.e. Red Coral then this will directly affect the head of native. This may result in increased anger issues and changes of violence too.

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