Deadly Conjunctions: Saturn Ketu

Saturn is the planet that indicates suffering, disease, addictions, old age, ancestors and a life guided by material desires. Saturn is a very materialistic planet because it gets exhaled in Libra, the sign of the market, where everything is sold for money. On the positive side, Saturn denotes our ancestors, lineage, and tradition as Saturn is something that is ageing, old or ancient.

Ketu is a node of the Moon, a shadow planet (Chhaya Graha), it does not have a body and is the Southern Node of the Moon (Descending Node). Ketu as a personified planet does not have a head it is just the body as the head is Rahu, therefore Ketu symbolizes someone who follows a heart, and does not use his head, very intuitive but not diplomatic as it has no head. Due to this reason, Ketu is a very spiritual planet and is also referred to as Moksha-Karaka (Giver of Salvation). All the saints and Sanyasis (renunciate). Ketu makes one give away material life and follow the path of spiritual enlightenment and salvation. Ketu is also the ruler of spirits and paranormal beings.

Both the Planets i.e. Saturn and Ketu are natural malefic (Paapa & Krura both) and their conjunction and yoga is of a deadly nature. As we can see that the characteristics of both the planets are opposite, one is most materialistic (Saturn) and the other is most spiritual (Ketu). Their conjunction will mark the beginning of the conflict in person. The native with this yoga will face a huge problem in choosing the life path. If Saturn is more powerful than a false Sage is born, he will show to be spiritual but will be very materialistic inside. This yoga is dangerous, they can show the world to be very spiritual but can be very materialistic and sinful in action.

If Ketu is more powerful in the above conjunction then the person will lose interest in material life and choose to follow spiritual one. But this will come after a lot of internal conflicts as both Saturn and Ketu will try to drag the native into their own direction.

This conjunction is worst in quadrants (1, 4, 7 and 10th houses) as it will influence the native very strongly and negatively. As three malefics will be quadrants (Kendra Bhava) which will also give rise to Sapra Dosh (Wrath of Serpent). In trines i.e. 5th and 9th House they will dominate the native either in middle age or in old age depending on placement, but will seriously hamper the fortune.

The Curse of Departing Soul (Pitra/Preeta Bhadha)

According to Maharishi Parashar (refer to Brihat Parashar Hora Sastra) the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu is the curse of pitrs i.e. a curse of ancestors. It shows that any one of the family ancestor’s soul is still in preeta yoni (wandering as wind or ghost and unable to move ahead in a cycle of rebirth or to any loka or tala based on karmic debts. Refer to Sapta Loka Scheme). This soul wants it Sradhha (Final Rights) in order to move on.

In my general practice as an astrologer I have seen cases with this yoga, People who have someone close to the family tree died an unnatural death and final rights weren’t performed properly. It is a deadly combo and really makes the life of natives hard. Protection against this conjunction is only provided by strong benefices in Kendras (Quadrants) esp. Jupiter. A strong Jupiter in Kendra can minimize its bad effects or stop yoga from functioning at all. Persons which this conjunction and weak Jupiter will mostly experience undue hardships in life and chances of witnessing paranormal activities are also high. It can also interact with dead people in dreams or premonitions in which the 5th or 9th Houses are involved.

Rights Performed After Death (Sraddha Ceremony)


Firstly the remedy for this yoga should be done under the proper guidance of a Jyotishi (Astrologer) or priest. As Ugra Devata (Deity in Fierce Form) worshipped is performed. Generally, Ganesha or Bhairava in fierce forms are worshipped with Vedic mantras and an homa (fire sacrifice) is formed.

The basic remedy that can be done by everyone for relief if the problem is not very strong are:

  1. Make Jupiter strong:- Worship Lord Shiva
  2. Perform the Final Rights (Shraddha) ceremony for all your ancestors.

Need more help?

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  1. I have saturn and ketu conjunction in my 9th house. I have Jupiter in my 7th house. My ascendant is in Cancer in the constellation Alesha. Sun mercury and venus together in 10 houses. the sun is burning at 9 degrees and my venus and mercury are very close to each other. My moon is in the 4th house. how do you interpret this? 23.04.1997 place Istanbul, turkey time:13:10


    1. I feel like there will always be that one area of your life that will be hard to reach. You may feel unlucky. You may feel success comes only after intense dedication and focus. You will be spiritual but there may be a push and pull to that. You’ll have success but you may feel behind your peers. You may feel detached from higher education, so it may be difficult for you in general due to the detachment without much focus and may feel the teachings are too difficult and develope your own spiritual path Your parents will be an on and off supply of support but I feel you only resort to them after cycles of hardship. I feel you will often feel like “all odds are against you”. But you will continue to persevere. I feel relationship with parents is decent, but on and off. Perhaps they and you both cycle between what’s important in your own lives. You should check DASHAS. Moon in libra will also show the up and downs in mind that coincide with the push pull of Saturn and ketu and the moon reflecting on 4/10 axis. You at times may not be able to pull more towards your emotions or your ego. That too will be a wavering issue. Just my take.


    2. Also your Jupiter is debilitated so even tho it’s in a Kendra. Marital problems may persist. Husband could be dominating. A source of friction, headache, may lack intelligence. Could be a teacher and have lots of responsibilities.


      1. Saturn ketu in scropio in 2 house Jupiter in Capricorn in 4 house I don’t know where I m going no future plans no jobs,plz help .moon in Virgo in 12 house


  2. great article.Help me, i was born in 21 August 1985 rome hour 12and 30 Pm. I don t understand my destiny, and problems are very difficult.Help me.


  3. I have Moon Ketu Saturn in the 8th house! My brother Kill himself at the age of 21! It affected all my life ! I have Jupiter, Mercury retrograde and Sun in 4th! Rahu in 2nd and Venus in 3 rd! Mars in 7th! I still consider myself lucky and happy!! My DOB 3/3/1974 1:00 am Pitesti, Arges, Romania!


  4. Uff this was way to accurate for me. I’m an Aquarius Lagna with Ketu + Saturn in Pieces in the second + a debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn in the twelth. Life has given me so much trauma and hardships espacially related to family and after alot of abuse serve mental health problems. This combination really often really feels quite deadly. I feel highly lost in it with severe social anxieties and ptsd symtoms hauting me. I wonder what remedies are there for my severity of problems I do a ganesha mantra already and hope it will help me go foward because I really wanna be of use and create healing for myself and other but yet im sadly flowing overly self centered in cause of being i permanet fear. Thanks for the articel was very helpful to read 🌱


  5. My son born on 16/07/2019 01:27 PM. He has moon ketu saturn in 3 rd house.He is Libra ascendant.
    Sun venus Rahu are in 9 th house. Will these combinations bring problems in his life? How to tackle it Please suggest


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