Maha Shivaratri: The Night of Shiva

ॐ नम: शिवाय

Maha ShivaRatri is on February 13, 2018, which is one of the most auspicious festivals in Hindu Tradition. Worshiping Mahadeva and Gauri can bring bring various benefits and destroy many evil effects of bad Saturn and Rahu transits such as Sade Sati, Kantaka, etc.

Shiva means the every auspicious one, who reverses all the bad into good. He is Paramount Deity in Hinduism. ShivaRatri is most auspicious day to worship Shiva, as He is most pleased on this day. The Shiva Pooja should be done by everyone and one should always observe a fast on ShivaRatri according to one’s own health.

The Shiva Pooja can be perfomed by anyone on a Shiva Linga. The procedure for pooja is very simple. Chant ॐ नम: शिवाय and offer following this to Shiva Linga:

Bathe the Shiva Linga With Water, Milk (Cow), Ghee (Cow) and Honey. Sugar Cane juice can also be used if available.

  1. Offer a incense to Siva Linga (Dhoop).
  2. Offer Lamp (Diya)
  3. Offer Sandal Paste (Chandan)
  4. Offer Fresh Flowers (Puspa)
  5. Offer Naivedyam (Prasad if possible made of milk)


This is very simple but very effective Pancha Upachar Pooja that will passify all the Pancha Tattva inside the person.

After this recite ॐ नम: शिवाय minimum 10 malas on Rudraksha. Best is to do 100 Malas which can be broken into smaller groups to ease the chanting.

At the end recite Shiva Panchakshri Stotra.

Please Note: Do Not offer Bhanga Leaves and Dhatura at all. We can not offer anything that we can not eat.

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  1. Dear Akshat really proud of you that in this small age you have attained so much of Astrologic and Spiritual knowledge.


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