The Nodal Axis: Rahu in 7th House

Rahu, the ascending node of the Moon is the worst malefic, as it gives sudden results because he is the master of disguise. Rahu if malefic can complete destroy a person, Rahu severely attacks all planets and is the biggest enemy to Jupiter and Mars.

Rahu scandalizes any planet he attacks, by lies, corruption and pollution. Rahu is the Commander General of the Army of Daemons and is always fighting Mars who is the Commander of the Armies of Deva (Gods). Rahu aims to Destroy Jupiter because it is only with the help of Jupiter, Mars is able to defeat Rahu. Without Jupiter, Mars can never defeat Rahu, because Mars fights straight but Rahu is master of deceit. He will back stab Mars so many times that Mars will die, that why Rahu and Mars Combination is called Kuja Stambhana (Kuja is Mars and Stambhana means stabbing). Rahu attacks Jupiter by killing humans because Jupiter is the significator of Humans and Rahu creates Murders, Boom Blasts, etc. 

Rahus is also the Natural Bhadhakesh (Bhadhakesh means Lord of Obstruction, Harassment, Hurting, etc). There Rahu is a very Malefic Planet in General Nature but when Rahu is made Pure or is exalted it will take the form of Shri Varaha (Avatar of Lord Visnu) and will dig deep down the dirty to help fallen souls. 

We all have Rahu in our chart and as we know Rahu is only the head, he is very intelligent and knowledgeable and loves to enjoy all the luxuries in life. Rahu has become malefic because it shows the never satisfying desires and lust of human which leads to corruption.

Rahu is not always bad, we make it made by doing corrupt acts, but Rahu also protects and this will depend on how Rahu is Placed in Chart.

  Here are some insights when Rahu is placed in 7th House of Relationships

  1. When Rahu is posted in 7th house, then Ketu is in Lagna. Ketu in lagna is not good. It makes the person moody, angry and whimsical. The person’s intelligence and knowledge may fail in taking decisions and the person may commit mistakes in life due to such placement.
  2. Rahu in 7th house is not bad depending on the Lagna. Rahu in 7th house makes the person charitable (if alone) and also helps the person to win over his enemies. It also protects the spouse of the person, but all this depends on the sign it it posted. On the negative side it may scandalise the person regarding matters of spouse or illicit relationships.
  3. There are certains signs in which if rahu is posted gives bad results. If rahu is posted in Scorpio, it it bad for the person and his spouse. Similarly goes with Sagittarius, which is even worse that Scorpion, as part for being bad for spouse it also creates a lot of obstacles in person’s life. Rahu in signs of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces in 7th house is also not good, as it creates unnecessary hurdles in one’s life. This can be remedied by proper Ganesh mantra depending on the chart.
  4. Rahu if placed in Capricorn in 7th house will definitely make the person’s spouse sick or even kill them. On a lighter note it may break the marriage.

These are general effects of Rahu placed in 7th House. Specific effects will be different from chart to chart based on all other planetary placements.

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