Lunar Eclipse ( Chandra Grahana) Special Mantra For Fulfilling Wish

*Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya*

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahana) is falling tomorrow. Lunar Eclipse Starts (With Moonrise) – 17:43:46 Lunar Eclipse Ends – 20:41:10 (Indian Standard Time)

Moon will be transiting Cancer its own sign and over Rahu too. Lunar eclipse is said to contain the energy of Divine Mother (MahaMaya), the one who gives all material things and Happiness. The energy of MahaMaya is very strong during Lunar Eclipse as the nodes (Rahu) will engulf moon into materialism and any Mantra done during this period will be multiplied many times.

*The Most Important result of Lunar Eclipse is that it has the power to make one desired thing true if a certain yantra is worshiped with a special mantra during the Eclipse time*

The yantra will be made on paper according to the person’s horoscope as then it contain the energy of kundali of the person and when the Secret Nrishimha mantra is done during the Eclipse the Devi blesses the native, fulfilling his wish within 360 days, if the mantra is done properly and yantra is kept safe for one year.

I will be drawing specialised yantras based on horoscopes of persons who wish to do this special anusthan tomorrow and will also teach the mantra in person.

Interested people can contact through WhatsApp or Call till 5 pm by January 31, 2018

Charges for consultation will be Rs. 1500 per horoscope for Indian and  $25 for International.


Jyotishi Akshat Pandey

Phone No: +91 770 599 5854

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