Transit Affecting Sagittarius

Gochara (Transits) is the movement of planets in the zodiac which are constantly affecting the 12 signs and producing different results for every one based on their personal charts. Transits will affect each and every person differently as the energy of transit will manifest according to the native’s chart.

The two major transits regarding Sagittarius are:

  1. Saturn’s transit to Sagittarius.
  2. Jupiter’s transit to Libra.

Saturn’s Transit to Sagittarius

Saturn transit to any sign is considered inauspicious as saturn tends to deny the results promised by the sign (except saturn in Libra (exaltation) and Capricorn & Aquarius (own sign)). Saturn damages and creates problems as he is natural significator of disease, hardship and old age. Therefore Saturn transiting to Sagittarius is not a good new for Sagittarius people. They will definitely will experience health issues, fast aging, anger issues and tooth decay in the next 2.5 years. Not only this Saturn’s aspect to 10 House of Fame and work will also damage work life and status.

This transit of Saturn to Sagittarius is extremely bad not only of Sagittarius Ascendant people but also to Sagittarius Moon Taurus Ascendant and Taurus Moon people. Intensity and bad effects of Saturn will depend on the Sign’s strength based on their natal chart as some people will experience hell while others may only experience little hardships.

Kantaka (Thorn) Saturn Remedy is Must for above people.

Jupiter’s Transit to Libra

Jupiter has transited to Libra for one year and Libra has become the most auspicious sign now. For Sagittarius Ascendant people this is the House of Gains and can expect little benefit in earnings (Little because of Saturn in Sagittarius will prevent Jupiter’s results). Jupiter will also aspect Gemini and Aquarius so relations with spouse or relationship matters will get Jupiter’s blessing and harmony can be seen. The one who will most benefit this as Libra Ascendant people in terms of good health and good luck. Aries will also benefit in relationship Gemini and Aquarius people. Aries people it is good time to get into a relationship or marriage.

Remedies of Saturn can be obtained through personal chart consultations.

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