Remedies of Debilitated Mars


Mars is one of those planets whose debility can also cause positive effects. Mars is debilitated in Cancer.  If a person has Mangal Dosha (Flaw of Mars which hits marriage), but Mars is debilitated then that Dosha is very weak and will not give its results.

Mars if Ascendant Lord, Yoga Karaka (Giver of Raj Yoga), Subhapati (Lord of Moon Sign) or Lord of Trines should not be debilitated as it will hit the native hard, then the remedy becomes very important.

First rule of debilitated planet is to see whether that planet has neecha bhanga or not, i.e. automatic cancellation of debility (Refer to Standard Texts for rule). If neecha bhanga is there in chart planet will automatically come out from debility during the applicable dasa of the planet and remedies are simple:

  1. Worship of Lord Hanuman (Read Hanuman Chalisa) Best Remedy. Lord Hanuman is the controlling deity of Mars and he also stops Saturn and Rahu too. He is a teacher, Protector and Rudra Avatar, i.e. he is so widely worshiped in India.
                                    Om haṁ rudrāya hanumate namaḥ

  2. Worship of Lord Kartikey or Skandha (Not advised to married people and girls). Girls may refer to him as Kumara.
  3. Worship of Lord Bhimasankar (This is an advance remedy only suited to people who have Mars as Atma Karaka. Refer to standard texts for Asta Charakara Scheme and should be done under guidance of an experienced Astrologer. Easy way is to visit Bhimasankar Jyotirlinga once in a while.)
  4. Wear Red Coral. Gemstones should be worn very carefully, esp. of malefic planets. They only enhance the power of planets, but does not control the result. Based on your chart, you can wear it in a suitable finger and hand. Be-careful since Mars is always a Maraka of Venus.

Debilitated Mars without the Neecha Bhanga: Now this some real problem if there is no cancellation of debility, they above mentioned methods will not work easily. They will really take a very long time to work as planets when fallen (Neecha) like this only need the support and strength of Mother. Just like when we were babies, our mother always took care of us. She fed us, made us strong to face the world. Similarly goes for planets too.

The Mother of Mars is MahaVidya Bagulamukhi. She needs to be worshiped very seriously and her sadhana can only bring the neecha bhanga of Mars.

Caution: Maha Vidhya mantras and sadhana should be done under a siddha pandit or someone who is initiated in to the same. Do not do it by yourself. There are various restrictions and perquisites to do it. Doing it wrong may bring death like suffering or prove fatal. Normally 90% of people will benefit from the above four methods as they will have a neecha bhanga. Best remedies are the easy ones.


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  1. I am a Scorpio ascendant and mars is in 4th house with Venus in Aquarius (Shatavisha).. Can we call it neech-Bhang ?

    I know Venus in Aquarius gives relationship issue even it has directional strength..

    What is the best remedy for this combination. ?


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