Taurus Ascendant & Saturn

Saturn is benefic for Taurus Lagna is a very wide misconception, and everyone believes that. People have forgotten the basics and are jumping to advance concept.
Saturn is lord of 9th house and co-lord of 10th house for Taurus ascendant. These are benefic houses and by this rule, Saturn can act as functional benefic. But there is a catch in it. Ask any Taurus Lagna, how is the luck factor in life. The simple answer will be that they had hard luck unless a natural benefic planet was placed in 9th house.

Saturn is not the yoga karaka or benefic for Taurus Ascendant. Saturn is Bhadhaka Planet for Taurus and will always create problems for them.

Taurus is fixed sign, so 9th house is the bhadhaka sign and its lord is Bhadhakesh (King of Obstacles).
Take any Taurus ascendant person, blindly see where Saturn is placed, that house will always trouble them. The concept of Bhadhaka is of so vital importance and everyone ignores this.

This was just basic, not let’s go into more advance. Every physical body is created by Brahma, and soul by Lord Vishnu. Brahma has Rajas guna so the body dies. Vishnu has sattva guna, the soul cannot die.

Ascendant is a physical body created by Brahma, so all zodiac signs have Brahmha Dosa, due to which everyone born dies.

These Brahma Dosa are:

  1. 5 Tattva Dosha
  2. 7 Graha Dosha

Therefore all 12 signs have a major dosha, which most of the people don’t know. There are Srishti Doshas (Flaws in creation) and they play a very crucial role.
Taurus has Vayu Dosha (Flow of the Wind). Saturn is the controller of vayu tattva, therefore Saturn acts as a double problem for Taurus people.

Saturn in 5th house

The above native has two beautiful sons by the blessing of Mahadeva. The native was very wearing a dark blue sapphire. The first child comes from the 5th house, as soon as he wore the son terribly fell ill. His son’s health becomes so bad that the native was at the hospital every weak. After two years of suffering for the child, the native approached me. I removed the blue sapphire and instructed pooja of Ganesh and Rudra to be done. By the grace of Ganapati, the son is healthy and all health issues have gone.
Here Saturn is bhadhakesha sitting with Jupiter, 8th house lord, this would have killed the son in his twenties.

Saturn in 10 house

Here we find the Native has Sasha Mahapurusha Yoga, but her professional life is stuck for years. The native is a teacher and is stuck at a very low income for many years. There has been no professional rise in past 4 years, as the native is forced to change the place of work often.

Saturn with 6th Lord: Black Magic

The native is a very beautiful young woman, but cannot get married. We see Venus in 8th house with Mars and Saturn, marriage part of life hit. But she always complained about sudden illness, depression and very bad dreams. We see the whole chart is badly hit by Yama Yoga in 8th house and Aditya Chandala Yoga in 9th house. Rahu is also in Marana Karaka, indicating that the native is will be cheated badly in life.

The black magic (abhichara) was done by her colleague, due to jealously. Bhadhaka lord and 6th house lord makes a very serious dosha for black magic. She has been suffering from black magic and the evil eye (Buri Nazar) since a child. A special mantra of Bhadra Kali has been given to her for her protection.

Rahu: The True Benefic for Taurus

Rahu is the lord of 5th house and 10th house for Taurus Ascendant. Rahu is also exalted in Taurus. Rahu loves Taurus. The exaltation of Rahu in Taurus is a special exaltation for longevity. We see Taurus jyotirlinga is Somanath Mahadeva, very long life, free form diseases and all the wealth. So Taurus people should check for Rahu, not Saturn. All there Raja yogas come from Rahu.

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  1. Hello, could you check for my daughter, dob – 3rd Jan 2008, time – 16:34, Place-Nairobi, Kenya.


    1. Your daughter is Taurus Ascendant with Venus in the 7th house, She has Ketu and Saturn in 4th house, which not good. She might have some allergy issues and respiratory as her 4th house is damaged. As her mom you also have issues, after her birth, problems in the 4th house and her moon is also afflicted my Saturn and Rahu. Make sure she drinks milk every night. Moon in 6th house is not good for mental happiness.


  2. Hello Akshat,
    Thank you for clarifying the role of Saturn for Taurus ascendants. We must also note that in the chart with Saturn in 10th, Rahu is in 6th (9th from 10th house and in MKS from there). This may also be a reason for frequent changes in job.


  3. Thanks. Would this Rahu as benefic theory hold true even in case of Gemini lagna, for which he is the co-lord of a kendra (4th) and a kona (9th)? Saturn rules 8th and 9th and Venus rules 5th and 12th – both rule one dusthana each. Jupiter and Mercury apparently suffer from kendradhipathya dosha. So that leaves only Rahu?

    The other question I forgot to ask earlier was the implication of the presence of Rahu for Taurus ascendants in dusthanas or in moksha trikona – 4th/6th/8th/12th – in the navamsa (D-9). In that case, the fruits promised by Rahu may not materialize?


  4. For taurus ascendent Rahu (dhanista) and Saturn (uttarashada) 17 degress apart but both in capricorn in 9th house. What expect?


  5. Your article is bang on !! I have been replying in all the blogs where they have mentioned that Saturn is a yogakaraka for Taurus ascendants and that they are the luckiest !! Am a Taurus ascendant and I know that I had gone through a lot of hardships during my Saturn dasha.. I have always mentioned the same that Saturn can never be a true yogakaraka for Taurus ascendants as he is a badhaka.. I think, to summarize the behavior of Saturn for Taurus ascendants, I feel, he will at the max give an ointment after giving a very tight slap 🙂 ( that too just because he is the functional benefic )


  6. Hello, I’m Taurus ascendant, could you check for my horoscope , dob – 31 Jan 1984, time – 14:15, Place-Colombo, Srilanka
    another thing to know is Jupiter mahadasha better than Rahu mahadasha to me?


  7. Your article is very nice.Thanku for solving the misconceptions.
    Can you please get me know that rahu is badhak in my horoscope or not as it is placed in 9 house.
    Dob- 27/08/1990
    Timing -12 pm
    Place – Deoria Uttar Pradesh
    My life is pathetic at this stage.


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