Dhana Karaka: Source of Wealth & Money

Dhana Karaka

Now we have an understanding of wealth so we can proceed in the direction Dhana Karaka.

The houses for wealth and money are 2nd house and 11th house.

The Second House: Hari Bhava

The Second house is a very important house in house chart. This is the house where Hari (Shri Vishnu) sits and feed us. That is why this house is also a maraka because when we can not eat we will die. The second house, due to the presence of Shri Hari, is not treated as a shadow house (Chaya Bhava).

This is the house of accumulated wealth, your savings or how much wealth you can hold in life. All Shrimanta Yogas are formed with the second house as it the natural house of Venus (Lakshmi). Afflictions in the second house seriously damage wealth possession, eating habits and one’s own ties with family. No matter how much you earn, but if the second house is afflicted you will not be able to hold on it. That is why the natural second house is Taurus sign, which is fixed, as we like to hold on to wealth and our resources.

The Eleventh House: Labha Bhava

The eleventh house is called Labha bhava which means gains. These are gains we get from working in the 10th house. So 11th house is 2nd from the tenth house, so it sustains it. We will not do any business or job if we don’t get a salary or profit from it.

The eleventh house is hard cash coming to us every month, or day. So the eleventh house lord becomes very important. If the eleventh lord is weak, you can not earn enough cash. Malefics is the eleventh house are very bad. They create a lot of problems in life, due to the punishing nature of the eleventh house. Remember the eleventh house is 6th from the 6th house, all punishment in life comes from here. The greatest punishment is not to have money to feed yourself.

Jupiter: Dhana Karaka

Brihaspati, as we call Jupiter in Sanskrit, is the significator of both the second house and the eleventh house. Significator means karaka or the one doing for that house. All houses have different types of significators. Jupiter is the Sthira Karaka (Fixed Significator) of both these houses. The significator of any house is the hand of god or your destiny. If God says no you will not have anything, then no matter what planets are in that house, or how well placed is its lord, we will not get results.

Therefore the planet that becomes very important from the prospect of wealth is Jupiter. He is karaka of both the 2nd and the 11th house. So if Jupiter is hit badly, both these house are shaken.

Mercury: Karma Required for Wealth

Mercury plays an equally crucial role. As we all know all cash and currency comes from Mercury and Kubera. Its leash of Kubera called pasha, around the neck of all humans that makes us work for money.
Mercury is karaka for 10th house, which the Karma Bhava. We all have to do some work that will give us wealth. So Mercury is that karma we needed to achieve wealth. Placement of Mercury in the chart will tell us what type of work is required to earn money, particularly from 10th house. Therefore Mercury is the second important planet for wealth.

Sun: The Wealth Itself

Sun is the source of all wealth. He creates the 12 zodiac signs and distributes wealth as 12 Adityas (Dwadasa Aditiya). All sources of wealth come from the Sun. The Abhijeet Rasi and the Sun sign will tell how much wealth we can tap from the Sun God. That why Aditya pooja was so widely done in India. If the Surya Pati is badly hit, we lose resources as they go to waste.

Dwadasa Adtiya

These are the three most vital planets we have to see for wealth. All planets give wealth from their own ways, but without these three we can not get anything as they signify wealth. That is why the worship of three deities in India is so important

  1. Aditya Pooja for Surya.
  2. Vishu Pooja for Mercury.
  3. Shiva Pooja for Jupiter


All planets give the money according to their trades and jobs. So if someone is selling alcohol than Saturn is giving him money, but his ability to become a billionaire or much wealth he can actually hold depends on above Dhana karakas. Similarly, a person working in sales gets money from Venus as all sales come from it. This how we have to look. But if the primary Dhana Karakas are hit then serious problems of money, health, etc occurs.

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  1. Well explained have one query dhan bhav 2nd and 11th lord need to check only in lagna chart or in d9 and d10 also


  2. Good write up Akshat ji, You are avtaar for me…..Keep it up
    The wealth one has in the destiny is shown by the Abhijit Rasi in the Rasi chart. Studying the lord of Abhijit , in Rasi, Navamsa and Sashthiyamsa give the real club about wealth…..There is terrain technique, you know better than me…


  3. Can I share your post in facebook with your name and links. Already I hv posted one article without your permission. For this reason I am very sorry. I hv mentioned your name and link. Your all articles r very knowledgeable and valuable . It will help all astro learners . Thank you so much.🙏


  4. Sir meena lagna me sun 11th house me h.sani 8th me. D-9 me sani or sun 8th house me. David rata bani hui h kya karu?


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