What To Eat

Food of the 2nd Lord of your Horoscope should be eaten to get the blessing of Hari.
Good for health & wealth.
हरि ॐ

The Houses in Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Wealth & Prosperity


  1. Hello Akshat,
    Can you please clarify whether it would be safe for the native to consume foods signified by the lord of the 2nd house even in case the 2nd lord in D-1 occupies a dusthana or is in moksha trikona in the navamsa (D-9) chart? For example, someone with Aries ascendant in D-1 having Venus in 4th/6th/8th/12th house in their navamsa (D-9). Would eating such foods bring health and wealth in such cases also?


    1. The 2nd lord is always feeding you. If if is in dusthana then your eating something wrong, or your food is not complete. The first wealth is food. Hari feeds us. 2nd house is hari, but second lord is maraka too. When it stops feeding, its maraka. 2nd lord is also rudra.


  2. Thank you for the clarification. Please answer the below doubts:
    1) The same logic as the 2nd lord not feeding you might hold even in case there is a planet placed in the 2nd house in D-1 but is correspondingly placed in 4th/6th/9th/12th in navamsa (D-9)?

    2) In case the 2nd lord of D-1 is placed in 4th/6th/8th/12th houses in navamsa (D-9), what remedy (physical and spiritual) would you recommend so that the person gets appropriate nutrition?


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