Mangal Dosha: Marriage, Relationships & Mars

Jala Tattva: Governor of all Relationships

All relationships are based on emotions. Our emotional construct defines how we interact with people. The emotional self is very sensitive and is always changing. Our emotions change from hour to hour based on our thoughts in the mind. Emotions are like water they flow in the direction where our mind is going.

Vedic astrology teaches us that the tattva (element) that controls all relationships is Jala (Water). This tattva is so important that all emotions of compassion, passion, love, hate comes from it. When Jala tattva is very high the person is very emotional and compassionate. We all connected through our minds, which is denoted by the Moon. Moon is the one who creates Jala tattva. Any corruption in the Jala tattva of any person will create emotional disturbances in mind and therefore will cause problems in relationships.

Chandra: The Planet of Emotions, Happiness & Home

Moon who is called Chandra in Sanskrit is one of the two luminaries. Chandra is personified as the mother, creator of home and mind. Chandra is one of the most important planets in our horoscope.

Chandra creates home and happiness as he rules the natural 4th house of the natural zodiac. Chandra is also the significator of 4th house. All happiness comes from 4th house.
Chandra is the creator of Jala tattva. All the water is created by Chandra. The 4th house is called the Jala Lagna, and its trines, the 8th house and the 12th house forms the triangle of water called Jala trikona.
The 12th house is marriage itself, the 4th house is home that is formed with the spouse and the 8th house is the sustainer of relationship. The 8th house is Mangala sthana (Breaker of Relationship) and is very important to see for the sustenance of any relationship.

Shukra: The Planet of Love and Passion

Venus is also called Shukra in Sanskrit. The word Shukra means the one who always does good. Sukra is second most benefic planet after Jupiter. Both these planets are Gurus. They are great teachers. Brihaspati (Jupiter) is the Deva Guru, teacher of Spirituality and Religion, and Shukra, is the teacher of Asuras, the teacher of material life (sansara) and all luxuries of life.

Shukra symbolises wife in man’s chart and the natural significator of marriage in all charts. Malefic influences on Shukra in the Rasi chart and Navamsa chart will cause problems in marriage. (A more detailed study of marriage can be done by examining the 7th house, 12th house, Upapada Lagna and Navamsa Chart).

Chandra creates Jala, but it is Shukra who controls it. Shukra who lords the 2nd house and 7th house of Natural Zodiac controls all the Jala. Taurus who is co-lorded by the Chandra and Shukra both. Taurus is the exaltation of Chandra. It is Shukra who causes exaltation of Chandra.Shukra creates passion, inside us. Too much passion can lead to many problems, as it may cause jealousies and revenge, which is also a trait of negative Shukra in the chart.
The significator of the 7th house of relationships is Shukra, and it is a very important house in the horoscope. The 7th house is 4th from the 4th house so all our higher emotions come from it. A bad relationship can seriously damage the emotional well being. It is also 10th from the 10th house of profession and work. So maintaining the 7th house is very important. Most importantly is a maraka house also, being the opposite house from the Ascendant and Mrityunjaya Shiva sits in the 7th house. A good 7th house is a very big blessing.
Sexuality is also seen from the 7th house, as it shows sexual organs in the chart. Planets in here and the 7th house lord will depict the sexual nature of native and also that the state of sexual organs. Serious afflictions on the 7th lord can cause a deformity in the sexual organs.
The 2nd house is the 8th from the 7th house. It can transform relationships and emotions and can also end them. That is why both the houses are ruled by Venus. A relationship is transformed into a family or clan from the 2nd house or it can end it.

Mangal: The Planet of Celibacy or Sexual Dissatisfaction

Mars who is called Mangal in Sanskrit means the auspicious one. Just chanting the name Mangal provides a remedy for bad Mars in the chart. Mangal is the controller of Agni tattva (Fire Element).

He is responsible for maintaining energy in the body. Weak Mangal will cause weak nerves and low energy. Mangal rules the natural 1st and 8th house. The signs are Aries and Scorpio. An important point to note that signs of Mangal are always opposing that of Venus. Fire and water can never stay together, neither celibacy and marriage.

Mangal is the energy of a warrior. He prefers celibacy to protect his energy and do penance. Mangal is can show very high consumption and utilisation of energy. Mangal gets uncomfortable in the houses of emotions and relationships. As fire has no use in them. Mangal gets debilitated in Cancer, the sign of Chandra and natural 4th house, and so does Chandra in Scorpio the sign owned by Mangal.
Mangal is the significator of celibacy and has no use in 7th house of relationships, that is why Mangal is in Marana Sthana in 7th house (Mangal feels like dying).

Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha from the Ascendant

Mangal Dosha is present when Mars is in the 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house or 12th house from the Ascendant.

These are the natural houses of Venus and Water signs. Mangal in these houses causes issues with the relationship, as it causes disturbance in emotional self or issues with sexuality or spouse.

The mangal dosha can be classified as two types:

  • Chandra Dosha: Emptional Blockage
  • Shukra Dosha: Sexuality Blockage

Chandra Dosha

Chandra Dosha as the name suggests is present when Mangal is the trine of water called Jala Trinoka (Mars in the 4th, 8th & 12th house). This placement of Mangal causes emotional blockages in the native, and he can not connect emotionally to the spouse. Mangal in these houses causes anger issues and fighting in the marriage. This results in tremendous anger issues. Mangal is 12th house is worse, as 12th house is the house of marriage and marriage bed. Mangal over here can cause serious anger issues and infidelity.

Shukra Dosha

Mangal in the 2nd house and 7th house which are the natural houses of Venus causes Mangal Dosha of Shukra Nature. The placement of Mangal in these houses causes sexual incompatibility among couples as Mangal hampers these houses badly. Mangal is a celibate, which can deny sexuality or when associated with Shukra can cause excessive sexuality.

Mangal Dosha from the Moon Sign

Moon represents the mind (manas) and also the society. The moon sign in our horoscope represents how we associate with the world.

Mangal Dosha is also seen from the Moon sign, as marriage is a social institution and problems in marriage disturb the family and society. Divorce cases and legal issues are caused my Mangal Dosha from Chandra.
Mangal when is present in 12th house, 1st house, 4th house, 7th house or 8th house from the Moon sign causes Mangal Dosha. Mangal Dosha from Chandra is very crucial and causes a lot of problems and may lead to divorce. This dosha makes private fights public and damages the reputation of the family.
An important point to note that marriage is also seen in the 12th house from Chandra. Chandra is sansara (world) and we connect to the world through our Moon sign.

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