Marana Karaka Sthana: How Planets Die in a Horoscope

Every planet has very peculiar energy and likes his surrounding to match this. The house of the Horoscope represents different parts and areas of life, irrespective of the corresponding zodiac sign.
For example, the first house will always represent the health of the person irrespective of any sign.
Planets when placed in certain houses (Bhava) they tend to die because the energy of the house is different from what the planet represents. This is independent of the zodiac signs. Exaltation, debilitation and own sign (Swakshetra & Mulatrikona) are based on zodiac signs.
The word Marana means dying, karaka means significance and sthana means placement. It means when planets die due to their placement in a certain house.

Planets In Marana Sthana

HouseMarana PlanetDescription
1SaturnSaturn dies in the 1st house. First house represent health and well being, Saturn is the planet responsible for disease and suffering. When Saturn is placed in the first house it starts dying as he can not be responsible for health. Saturn in the first house causes health problems and can cause childhood trauma and depression.
3JupiterJupiter is priest and likes to sit in temple. The third house is the house of copulation (Also represents brothels) and when Jupiter is placed there, Jupiter dies. Secondly the third house is also the house of fighting and courage, Jupiter represents peace and learning not fighting. Jupiter in Marana Sthana damages natural protection of the native against all evils. It also hampers luck and father of the native.
4MercuryMercury represents money and controls everyone through it. The fourth house represents property and Mercury can not control persons with huge property assets. Secondly Mercury is child and does not like to be controlled by mother. Mercury in 4th house can give huge assets in property, but can cause hampering in learning.
4KetuKetu is planet that represents a renunciate. 4th house represents home and material life (marriage and happiness). Ketu when in 4th house dies as a renunciate can not have home. Ketu in 4th house is extremely malefic and does destroy the home life of native at least once. Ketu in marana sthana in male charts is more malefic.
6VenusVenus dies in the 6th house of celibacy. Venus which represents marriage and love has no use in the 6th house of celibacy. Venus in Marana causes many love affairs but creates problem in married life, as one will always be finding his/her true love for the rest of the life.
7MercuryMercury is again dying in the 7th house. This is the house of business and Mercury can not control people with huge businesses. Secondly 7th house is also the house of relationships and Mercury is a child and has no use in 7th house. Mercury here can cause problems in monetary affairs and marriage both. People with Mercury in the 7th house are very friendly and good from heart. They can suffer many heart breaks due to their immature behavior in relationships.
7MarsMars in the 7th house dies as Mars wants celibacy and it can not handle marriage and relationships. Mars here also cause Mangalik Dosha. Mars in 7th house makes the native very strong and courageous, but they have face a big war in life. Mars in marana destroys marriages.
8MoonThe worst planet to have in marana sthana is the Moon. 8th house is the house of crying, diseases (Nijja Dosha) and death. Moon here dies and causes many problems. Moon represents mind, longevity and mother. Moon in 8th house causes health problems, mental trauma and suffering to the mother. In male charts it causes problems in marriage and in female charts it cause problems with children too.
9Rahu9th house is the temple and Rahu is the Chandala (Demon) who dies in the temple. The native will be cheated many times in life, due to Rahu. They will also be disinterested in their birth religion and may change it. Rahu in marana also causes problems to father and bad luck.
12SunSun represents life, wealth and power. The 12th house is shadow house (chaya bhava) and represents loss. Sun here loses its power and dies. Sun in the 12th house may grant government service.

When planets in Marana Sthana they die, which causes the destruction of the house they rule. It as been said that planets go to marana sthana due to past life karma and wrath of Lord Shiva, who cause them to die. The dasa of marana planet brings death like suffering and can also cause death, if the ascendant of the native is weak. The houses own by the planet in marana also causes troubles.

Shri Ram had Mars in the 7th house in Marana Sthana. Mars in 7th house makes a person extremely kind hearted and benevolent if Mars is alone. Mars in the 7th house also destroys all the enemies and the person is fearless warrior. Shri Ram was the greatest warrior and non can defeat him. Mars causes marriage problem in the 7th house. Shri Ram’s consort Goddess Sita was abducted by Ravana and Shri Ram had to fight a war to get her back. 7th house is house of love and war, Mars over here forces the person to go to war.

Mahatma Gandhi has Ketu and Sun in Marana Sthana. Ketu in the 4th house destroys home and marriage. Mahatma Gandhi lived in an ashram like a saint. He came from a very wealthy family but lived like a Sadhu (saint), and also become celibate after marriage.
Sun in the 12th house also in Marana sthana denoting loss of wealth. He abandoned all his wealth and dedicated his life to Satya. Marana Sun can also grant a government status and indeed he is the Father of the Nation.

Adolf Hitler, the person responsible World War II and killing millions of people. Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Rahu are all in marana sthana. This person has a lot of death energy. Mars is in marana in own sign causing a Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga, making a person know for his killing and fighting power. This yoga is with the Atma Karaka Venus making sure that he will rise in power. Rahu in 9th house in marana sthana causing disbelieves about religion and race and false notions. Jupiter in the 3rd house is dead and can not stop the killing spree of Mars. Jupiter signifies human life and when Jupiter goes to Marana the native may kill others or himself. In this case both came true. Mercury in Marana means initially he may be a good person but two malefics in 7th house makes a person very cruel and deadly. He shot himself just after marrying his girlfriend, indeed 7th house is the house of love and war.

The Native’s Moon is in the 8th house in Marana Sthana. The native suffered from various health problems, depression and trouble at home. We see that Moon is also the Atma Karaka so the suffering is at the soul level. The Native committed suicide at the age of 26, as Jupiter in Marana Sthana either kills himself or the native may kill others.

Mars and Rahu are in Marana Sthana. Mars is with Saturn in the Bhadhaka Sign. The native faces tremendous setbacks in life, and many disputes. Rahu is own in sign in Marana Sthana, causing a lot of problems. There are many planets in the signs of marana planets. Jupiter and Venus in Aries become defunct as their Lord Mars is dead. The exchange between Jupiter and Mars only makes the things worse. Mars is the Atma Karaka, the native will face a big battle in life.
Moon and Mercury are in Rahu’s sign and also suffer from the death energy. There is a lot of suffering in life as all four kendras (quadrants) are hit.

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  1. Agar koi planet bad results de rha ho to kya us planet ke liye dwadas jyotirling mantra ka jap kar sakte h.exp. mars bad fal kre to om namh shivay namh bhim sankaraya.


    1. Jyotirlinga mantra kar sakte hai per wo jyaada jyotirlinga rasi ke liye hota hai. Jyotirlinga mantra se graha ko uccha hone ki shakti milti hai ye mantra atma karaka graha ke liye kare jaate hai


  2. Kya dhanu me guru jo mula nakshtra me ho wo finencial gain ke liye bahut sanghars karata h.
    Or aatmkarak grah lagnesh se bhi jyada importance rakhta h?


      1. Nhi hua.
        Guru ki shubhta ke liye vishnu aradhana vishnu avatar ram ke mantra se bhi guru ki shubhta milti h.ya only surya grah ki.
        Guru ke liye om namo narayanay ya om ram ramay namh.kya better h?


  3. Hello Akshatji,

    If an MKS planet is in Parivartan, would its position of Marana Karaka get cancelled or its effect gets reduced?


  4. Akshat Ji,
    Can you clarify few things .MKS results of planets you explained vis a vis lagna of the native but can this principle be extended and understood as that where ever the planet is it is mks for some particular Bhava of the horoscope.
    For example Saturn in any bhava is MKS for that particular Bhava.
    Rahu in any bhava is mks for tha bhava the falls ninth from Rahu in 3rd will be work and function as mks for the 7th bhava of the horoscope ,surya 12tg from any bhava will be act as mks for that particular Bhava and like wise for every other planet.
    Please elaborate about remedies sir,it would be really helpful


  5. What if mars is at 29th degree for libra ascendant? With ketu at 29deg also? Upar Aapne mention Kia mars alone in seventh house makes a person very kind hearted. But this pisacha yoga?


      1. Mars for libra ascendant in 7th house at 29degrees with ketu in seventh. Jupiter rahu in lagna, Saturn in fifth retrograde. Only sunnin ninth with mercury is saving grace, but the pisacha yoga causing immense negativity and unnecessary fights. Been stagnant since many years, unable to make use of resources for career progression. No good relationships, all spoilt by extended family related to maternal and paternal side. Huge depression since Sade sati.


  6. Namaste Akshta ji – Lagna is Dhanus (Saggitarius) and Jupiter is in 3rd H in Kumbha at approx 1 degree and is retrograde. How will this work. What happens when the planet is both in marana sthana and retrograde. Will retrograde give effect of opposite house. Kindly provide your valuable suggestions.


  7. Sir, My Saturn is in 1st House (MKS) in Capricorn Rashi (Ascendant), though in my childhood I suffered health issues related to asthma and constipation both, But with age, it all improved. I want to ask should I perform remedies or it has shown its effect in early childhood. Dhynawaad


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