The Political King : Rahu

Rahu is the political king maker, no political career is made without Rahu’s blessing. Rahu eclipses the Sun (Government) and forms a new one.
Political Career needs a lot of brains, promises mostly false and power to capture the minds of the public. Moon denotes the public of any country, and the planet that can capture the mind is Rahu.
Rahu denotes politics because it only Rahu who can capture the public minds, bring the government down (Sun) and establish a new government. All top most politician has to have a very favorable Rahu. Without Rahu, you can not even win an election no matter how small.

If Rahu is associated with the following either by conjunction or by aspect may give a political career.

  • 10th house or its lord.
  • Amatya Karaka (The significator of work)

There are some other Raj Yogas also have to be present in chart to rise at the level of Prime Minister, but the above conditions have to fulfilled even to enter into political career. We will check this with study of sample charts and see how top most politicians rise only on the power of Rahu.

Nehru Ji was the first PM of the country. Look at Rahu carefully. Exalted Rahu in 3rd house for Arudha Lagna (AL is the image in the 10th house) gave him the courage to stand and lead the country. Rahu is also having a graha dristi on Moon and Ascendant giving me a very sharp political acumen, and a permanent Rashi Drishti on Mars 10th lord of the chart.
There are several other Raj yogas also that made me the PM but Rahu is the most important. Remember Rahu is also the Amatya Karaka denoting work life. He always had an exalted work life.

Mahatama Gandhi was never a politician but held the power to create a government at his will. He has the whole country following him. See Rahu and Moon in the 10th house. What he will say people will follow. This is in his Arudha Lagna meaning he is known for this. Every Indian followed his words.

Rahu helped him to rise in power in Germany. Rahu is Marana but exalted and is aspecting the 10th house and lord Moon both. He saved the mind so much of people that they gave power to such a lunatic. With so many planets in Marana Sthana, his career also ended in the death of millions and his.

She was a fierce politician and leader. Rahu again is aspecting the Ascendant Lord Moon, 10th house and Mars 10th house lord. Remember this rule exalted and debilitated planets both can give raj yogas. Rahu with Venus gives a troubled married life.

A B Vajapayee Ji was a very versatile person. A good speaker, poet and person virtues. Mercury in digbala in Ascendant made me very wise in words, the Moon in 10 house very popular among masses and Jupiter in the 4th house, made him very clean from the heart. He did not do any dirty politics very truthful man and freedom fighter. Look 4th lord in Ascendant, 4th house is also motherland, always thinking about the betterment of India.
Now again we see exalted Rahu is aspecting 10th house lord by both Rashi and Graha dristi and has a Labha Argala on 10th house.

Shri Narendra Modi, our current Prime Minister, we again see Rahu aspecting the 10th house and its lord the Moon. He is an excellent politician and leader. Moon who is the public will always follow him, just like Mahatama Gandhi. Rahu here again is the amatya-karaka, give him an excellent political career.

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  1. Thank you for this fascinating post

    Another more unhappy example:

    Donald Trump
    Scorpio lagna
    Rahu in 10th with Sun
    Ketu in 4th with Moon
    Born during an eclipse

    He leapfrogged into the presidency without the necessary qualifications, operating on ambition alone, like Rahu, with illegal support from Russia. He appears to want to destroy US from within: He has undermined US relationship with allies. He has destroyed national forests that belong to the people, exposing protected lands to drilling, mining, and devastation by corporate interests. He has used the power and connections of the presidency to enrich himself and his friends, which is unconstitutional. He is fighting tooth and nail to conceal his personal financial records, which all other presidents have made publicly available. He is the first president to have no knowledge of constitutional law or understanding of democracy. He has been a shady businessman his whole life and appears to be part of an incompetent crime syndicate— many or most of his closest associates have been found guilt of major felonies and are imprisoned or have been released from jail by presidential pardon. He has repeatedly challenged US constitutional rule of law and claimed and exercised authoritarian powers as if he were eager to be dictator. This has never happened since the foundation of the US and if he manages to steal the next election again, the US will fall. He denied the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and refused to deal with it at a federal level, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.
    In spite of all this, with Rahu on moon, almost 50% of the US public is infatuated with him and cheering him on. They are cheering him on in the name of freedom( which for them means the right to do what they want even if it hurts other), but if he succeeds in his ambition to destroy US constitutional government and replace it with the ruling dynasty of his own family, his tollowers will lose their democracy and their freedom forever, and so will everyone else

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  2. Sir,one confusion,atmakaraha,amatyakaraha are jaimini astro,aspects are taken from parasarar,whether astrology can turn for our convienience or nothing wrong in combining both?


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