Lighting the Lamp: The First Step into Vedic Remedies & Rituals

Agni: The Fire God is given tremendous importance into all Vedic Rituals as he is the deity that connects us to the Gods. There are many forms, abilities and blessings of Agni, that has been taught among various Vedic scriptures. There is a whole Purana called Agni Purana, and believe me any offering to Gods can not reach them without Agni. He is the Vahini (vehicle) to the Devatas (Gods) and Pitrs (Our Forefathers), removes the darkness of Mind and Soul, energises us, gives knowledge and wealth, purges and destroys. There numerous teachings on Agni, by the grace of my Gurudeva Shri Pt. Sanjay Rath, I would like to share the first step of invoking the Fire God for any Vedic sadhana or ritual, that is lighting the (Pooja) Lamp and how it connects to us.

The Lamp

We give very high importance to lighting the lamp everyday in the morning and the evening before starting any mantra, spiritual sadhana or Vedic ritual. Lighting the lamp invokes the deity, removes the darkness of ignorance, protects from evil and conveys our prayers to the Devata.
The pooja lamp is best made from brass metal, should be washed in clean water every day before lighting and should be free from all defects, like leaks etc.

There are three parts that the Lamp represents.

  1. The Lamp denotes the body of the native.
  2. The oil used is the health of the native.
  3. The wick that burns represents the soul and burning it shows karma that we burn in life.

So the Lamp is an integral part of any spiritual practise to be followed. Remember to use good oil in the lamp to burn it. It is best to use the same quality oil what you use for cooking your food. The oil should be fresh and should not be contaminated by anything or any person. Oil should not be an animal product like fish oil.

Lighting the Lamp

  1. Take two wicks of cotton and rub between your palms into one wick, chanting the Gayatri Mantra, if you know it.
  2. Place the wick into the lamp and put oil.
  3. The wick and the Lamp should face east and lamp should be placed on the left side of deity if there is a picture, statue or yantra.
  4. There should be some distance between the lamp and the Deity.
  5. Now light the lamp while chanting the Mantra
ॐ ह्रुं नमः।
om hruṁ namaḥ |

Things to Remember

  • There should be only one lamp in every household i.e. that the Husband and wife should not light two separate Lamps at home.
  • This Lamp can be lit by any family member that person should be responsible for washing and keeping the lamp safe.
  • Do not damage your lamp or let anyone clean it, except one’s wife can do.
  • The best time to light the lamp is from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. in morning and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the evening.
  • Do not blow off the Lamp, let the wick burn completely.
  • Clean the Lamp after every use.

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  1. Thank you, so helpful.

    Candle on our left side as we face deity (= deity’s right side) or on our right side (= deity’s left side)?


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