Buy Vedic Synastry Webinar 1 For Rs. 1500

Get recordings of the Vedic Synastry Webinar held on Divinations and learn how to judge relationships and blockages to one’s love or marriage life.

  1. The Seventh House
  2. Venus as a Karaka
  3. The 12th House and Upapada
  4. Imposed Conditions
  5. Marana Karaka Venus
  6. Shadhu Venus
  7. House of Low and High Emotions
  8. General Remedies.

Please Deposit Rs. 1500/- in to the following account.

Akshat Pandey
IDBI BANK Allahabad
Acount No.: 0199104000143516.
IFSC: IBKL0000199

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Vedic Synastry



Vedic Astrology

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