Bone Health in Vedic Astrology

Sun (Surya) governs Asthi (bones). Sun creates bones and maintains their health. Now medical science has also proved the need for Vitamin D, which human body makes under direct sunlight, is the most essential vitamin for bone health, as it helps us to digest Calcium.

In Jyotish, we have always looked at Surya for the health of bones and teeth. A weak Surya causes diseases of bones and teeth. Surya can be afflicted in many ways:

  1. Surya with Shani, Rahu or Ketu. These planets afflicted Surya very badly especially Shani & Rahu.
  2. Surya in debility in Libra and there is no neecha bhanga.
  3. Surya in 12th house in Marana Karaka Sthana.
  4. Surya in 7th house is Asta (Setting Sun). Sun in 7th house very weak and causes teeth problems.
  5. Surya in 4th house in zero directional strength. This can also cause baldness as it hits the Ascendant very badly.
  6. Surya in dusthana from the Ascendant. Surya in 6, 8 and 12 houses. Surya is the Karaka of the Ascendant and should be well placed.
  7. Surya in Sankranti Dosha is also a huge problem, but we have to also look at other factors.

These are some basic afflictions that cause weakness and affliction to Surya and create problems. We must strengthen Surya to be healthy and end diseases of bones. There are many ways to do that, we will start with some very basic and good methods that can be done by everyone.

1. Chanting of Gayatri Mantra:

ॐ तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धिमहि। धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्।
om tatsaviturvareṇyaṁ bhargo devasya dhimahi | dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt |

Gayatri Mantra when done in the morning at the time of Sunrise, removes weakness of Surya, maintains health, wealth and the Ascendant. It also grants higher learning and increases memory power. One of the best mantras to chant daily.

2. Offering water to Surya Deva in the morning and doing Surya Namaskar.

3. Chanting of Aditya Hridaya Stotra.

4. Keeping your place of worship clean and lighting a lamp every day.

5. Wearing a wristwatch and living a disciplined life.

6. Eating honey, black pepper and chili also makes Surya strong.
Surya rules birds and eggs, avoid eating eggs and any type of bird meat like chicken, turkey, etc. People who have Surya in 8th house should never even touch bird meat.

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  1. Your articles are very informative and also you give manageable remedies. I truly relate to this sun article and a big fan of your astrological predictions!


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