Marriage, Seventh House & Sexuality: The Gati Of Kama

Kama Deva (The God of Desire)

7th House is not only the door to outer world it is the breath we take. Fire of Life can not continue without the wind of desire.

Marriage is a very elaborate concept in Vedic Literature. There are 8 types of marriages in Hinduism from Prajapatye Vivah to Pisacha Vivah. Marriage is much more than a relationship. It is social acceptance of a couple, provides legitimacy to children and most importantly it provides us with a partner to company us in the journey of life.

The House of Marriage: 12th House

There is vast false notion in public that marriage is from 7th house. This is completely wrong. People having beautiful 7th houses also end up not getting married. This is because 7th house is your spouse, your desires, your interactions etc. but not marriage. Marriages are always from the 12th house, as husband and wife, follow each other in life that is 12th house thing. 7th house is only there when there is a sexual interaction only.

12th house is the quality, duration and happiness from marriage. 12th house is also the house of faith. It only because 12th house a woman agrees to bear a child of a man, that is the faith on the man as her husband, that she decides to start a family of her own, but the activity in order to procreate children is from 7th house.

Upapada Lagna (UL): Manifestation of 12th House

Those of you who are familiar with the concept of Arudha and Arudha Lagna, with know that the pada of 12th house is called Upapada lagna (UL).
UL is the manifestation of 12th house and all the marriages and spouses can be mapped in UL. UL shifts depending on the number of marriages, as each marriage is unique in itself. UL will show the first marriage and will be the basic guiding force for all, as it is the root UL. Second marriage will be seen from UL2 and will show who is spouse, her lagna, her family, children from the wife, etc.
Other details important details like the impact of marriage on destiny, spouses destiny etc will be seen from Navamsa Chart (Divisional Chart 9) as all marriages are made in heaven and Navamsa shows the destiny given to us by Gods.

7th House

7th house is house of highest desire, it called the Kama trikona. The trine of desire. Our deep rooted desires are in 7th house, as it is 4th from 4th house and 10th from 10th house (Concept of Bhavat Bhavam). 7th house is very critical, it is also the maraka bhava (Death inflicting) , as ith opposite to Ascendant (Lagna), which means going away.
7th house is what we desire in our partner and according we find someone, that is why it brings our sexual partners in life, which may turn into spouse if 12th house and UL supports it.
There so many people who believe they married to someone they do not love because, spouse came into life through marriage, but it never got fitted in to the criteria of 7th house. The house of our desires.
7th house also denotes our sexual organs and our carnal desires. 3rd house with also called Mithuna Bhava (House of Sexual Activity) is 9th from the 7th. There is the duty of the 7th house to fulfill one’s desire of sexuality in life. That is why the natural 7th house is lorded by Venus, and Saturn gets exalted here along with full directional strength.
Why too much of sexual activity not good from health? Too much of 7th house means your opposing your lagna, which is your health and life. Too strong of a wind may extinguish the fire. Lagna (Ascendant) is fire (Natural Zodiac Aries) and 7th house is wind (Natural Zodiac Libra).

DaraPada (A7): Manifestation of 7th House

Dara simply means your boyfriend or girlfriend (Sexual Partner) which may turn into your Husband or wife (UL) or may not.
Darapada is pada of 7th house, and shows who all are coming into our lives. It forms the core structure of our social interactions. We humans are social animals because of our Darapada only. It requires us to interact with other.
A7 also shows are affairs, and their timing. It very important as everyone comes into our life from it. Afflictions to A7 can ruin social interactions, and can also cause, cessation of sexual activities between between partners.
Many couples come me for advise, as due to their work life, they cannot stay together and can not enjoy company of the other, all of them have some problem in the darapada. They are married fine (UL) but are not able to enjoy intimate company of other (A7 afflicted).

Venus: Shukracharya–Guru of Material World

Venus is Guru of Material World. Venus is the blessing of Goddess Lashmi and the Karaka of 7th House. Karaka Planet is like Hand of God. All good yogas and combination fails if Karaka denies the result.
Afflicted Venus, placed in a bad house, denies the result of 7th house.

Venus both in Rasi chart and Navamsa chart have to be seen.
Affliction to Venus in Navamsa is very serious as compared to Rasi.

Compatibility: Points to Match in Horoscope for Happy Marriage

  1. Ascendant and Ascendant Lord (Intelligence should match)
  2. Moon Sign and Moon Sing Lord (Minds should meet and finances)
  3. Sun Sign (Progeny & Children)
  4. 4th House & 10 House (How one whats his/her spouse)
  5. Venus (Enjoyment in Marriage)
  6. UL (To determine the right one)
  7. Thithi (Emotional Behavior)
  8. 7th House and 7th Lord (Sexual Compatibility & Desires)
  9. Navamsa Examination (Effect of Marriage on Destiny)

Lord of Seventh House: The Movement of Desire

Sexual incompatibility is one of the biggest reasons for relationships breaking up or infidelity. Each organism is bound by its own biological and mental desires and we humans are not so different. Every human except spiritual beings who have conquered over desire, needs a certain amount of sexual activity for him or her to function efficiently. Because if Lagna is Fire (Heating) 7th house is wind (cooling). Too much fire, you will burn, too much cooling, the fire goes out, a balance has to maintained.
People often ignore this basic requirement in matching Horoscope and no one talks about it. The 7th House and its lord is an important aspect in marriage. Sexual incompatibility has lead to disastrous marriage life and especially on women as in certain societies can not even talk about it.

Every thing is life will have its own gati. Gati means a direction of movement or pulse. The gati of the 7th lord of both boy and girl should match, for compatibility. If it does not match, both of them will really suffer when it comes to intimacy and sexuality. Not only this, since 7th house also represent deep rooted desires and emotions, it eventually creates an emotional bridge between the couple.
Every chart will have a different gati and it is best to marry a person with a similar gati of 7th Lord. The Calculation of Gati is advance concept and is beyond the scope of this article.

There are three Devatas (Deities) of the 7th Lord based on its Gati:

  1. Shiva
  2. Vishnu
  3. Durga

These Deities hold the marriage, and also cures the mismatch in gati to a certain level. When the Gati of Kama (Desire) matches between couples, there love and affection is maintained through out marriage. They do not wander off in order to fulfill their desires and they are complete with their spouses.

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  1. This is beautifully written article. It is comprehensive and elaborate and establishes that Jyotish is a proper subject like those of philosophy and psycology.
    It is a subject of human and heavenly interactions.
    I hope that more people understand this and get the benefits to balance their lives and be happy.
    God Bless You Akshat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Namaste Sir!

    In synastry: D1 man 7th house leo sun sits in hasta ( 8th house)
    D1 woman 7th house aquarius saturn sits in hasta ( 2nd house ) rahu sits in pushya ( 12th house 3.21 and man moon sits cancer 0.33 )
    Is it good match?
    Thank you so much!


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