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ह्रीं गौरीये नमः

MahaMaya is old name of Shakti. She is referred by this name is Shiva Maha Purana. Shakti is source of all creations, and she manifest in billions of forms, as a mother of each and every organism.
She is mother of the whole universe, and so she is called Maha Maya. Meaning the greatest manifestation of Life. Maya is life, it is reverse of Yama (Death). Maya ends when Yama, comes, therefore she is the first and foremost protector of everyone.

The Moon is the natural significator of mother and it also presents the different forms of divine mother in our horoscope. Each planet bows down to a form of mother from whom the planet drives it power. There 9 planets and 1 ascendant and there are 10 forms of mother called Maha Vidya, for each of them. Maha Vidya means the ultimate knowledge, and knowledge is power.
Mother is first and greatest teacher, it is from her we have our mother tongue, the language we speak, without which there will be no knowledge.

Shukla & Krishna Paksha

As the moon as has two movements waxing and waning, we have two major divisions in Shakti.

Gauri is form Shakti in Shukla Paksha (waxing moon till full moon) and she expands into Nav Durga forms as sumya roopi (soft and benevolent forms) and as Durga (Asta Bhuja= eighrt arms, Shiva is also asta Murti= eight forms? think)

Kali is form of Shakti in Krishna Paksha (waning moon till new moon) and she expands in 10 Maha Vidya.

Video Seminar

The Video Session will be held on 29 September 2019, on the 1st day of Navratri, other details will be sent to registered members via Whats App.
The topics will be covered are

  1. Which form of Devi is suitable for you.
  2. Durga Ghanshyam Mantra, how she can bless through skies.
  3. It is fit to read SaptaSati or not.
  4. Chandi Hridya Mantra and Chamunda Navarna Mantra
  5. MahaMaya Kalpa Vrishka Mantra
  6. Easy Devi Pooja Practices.

Technical Requirements: Smartphone, tablet or Computer with Internet Access.

Registration Form

Maha Maya Video Session Fess Rs 1500. You can pay here though Bank Account

You can directly pay via account transfer in the following account and email at or Whats App at +91 7705995854
Akshat Pandey
IDBI Bank Allahabad
Account No. 0199104000143516
IFSC:  IBKL0000199

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