Deadly Conjunctions: Mars & Ketu

गं गं गं गं गं गं गं गं गं गं गं


Mars is the planet of fire. He controls the Agni Tattva (Fire Element) and controls all kinds of fire (There are three basic types of fire in jyotish). Mars is malefic in nature and denotes aggression, fighting, courage, policemen, etc.
Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, and has very high energy, which he consumes at a very fast rate (as Aries is a movable sign). He is ruler of this planet (Bhu Loka) and signifies death. Mars is significator of Mrtyu (Death) as an end of suffering, and this Loka (Plane of existence) called Mrtyu Loka.


Ketu is a shadow planet, i.e. it does not have a body. Ketu rules Scorpio and Pieces. It is Ketu who debilitates the Moon, not Mars. (Mars is Bhumi Putra, son of earth mother, he loves his mothers and has 7 mothers) Ketu has no head, so he destroys the Moon (mind), very badly. Ketu is headless.

Ketu represents, a sage, hermit, widower, nullity, void, Nagas (Snakes with hood), extreme heating (like in a microwave) that destroys everything, army personal, upward direction, moksha, etc.

Ketu is extreme of Mars. Mars energy multiplied by 100 is Ketu. Ketu has no head, he is headless and can make a person completely go nuts, if it affects the Lagna, Moon or Paka Lagna.

Ketu is Maha Shunya (The Big Zero), what ever he touches he destroys it (makes it zero). Now we see that Ketu should not be conjoined any planet or else that planet is gone from your life. The only planet that can control Ketu is Jupiter. The mighty Jupiter, turns Ketu into a great scholar and forms a Guru Parampara Yoga.
Ketu is very benefic for spiritual path, but we all in sansara (material world) for which Ketu is very destructive and malefic. It can destroy anything.

Pishacha (पिशाच)

Pishachas are flesh-eating demons in Hindu theology. Theology describes them as the sons of either Krodha or as Dakṣa’s daughter Piśāca. They have been described to bulging veins and protruding, red eyes. They are believed to have their own languages, known as Paiśāci.

Pishacha is demonic energy of anger and destruction. This energy is fueled by extreme anger and violent thoughts. Very powerful after sunset, as light fades away. Non vegetarian food and alcohol aggravates this. Even a single person with is energy and whole family is disturbed. Its a very high energy and very difficult to control. It may be dormant for many years, but when manifested it can wreak havoc.

Pishacha Yoga: Mars + Ketu

When Mars and Ketu conjoins a yoga for extreme energy is formed. The person will always be warm to touch, and will feel hot all the time. Mars and Ketu makes the fire in the body go out of proportion, and severe problems arise from it.

  1. It causes extremely angry and violent behavior. Many people with this yoga are convicted for violent crimes. Too much heat, destroys the water element, which is responsible for emotional balance.
  2. If it this yoga directly affects the Moon or Moon is also involved with Mars and Ketu, then insanity or whimsical behavior may occur. As Ketu will destroy the Moon
  3. If Jupiter is weak, then this yoga turns into a paranormal activity magnet. This energy is so strong that it attracts a lot of negative entities. Persons may have partial or complete possession, erratic and self destructive behavior. For complete possession, Jupiter should be afflicted badly and Bhadhakesh should also be involved.
    Generally what is observed, after sun sets native may behave in a very odd manner and cause a lot of problems, for themselves and others. Many natives say they just lose control they don’t know why. Their sleep are at times are marked my bad dreams and sleep paralysis.
  4. This yoga in Kendra (quadrants) is more more malefic than in any other house, as it will also create a sapra dosha.

This is malefic yoga, it may not be severe as possession always but natives with these tend to lose control very often and do make a lot of problems for themselves and their family.

At lot of spouses of natives with this yoga have constant complain of abusive behavior and violence at home

Case I

Pishasha Yoga in 10 House

Here the Native has Pishacha Yoga in 10 House, in Kendra. The 4 and 10 axis is damaged. Moon is debilitated in Lagna as Bhadhak, very bad, a lot of obstacles in life. Both Lagna Lords are forming Siddhi yoga, in 10th house of work. A very capable person with an explosive personality. Jupiter is 12th house (not good) and aspected by Rahu and debilitated Saturn. No Natural Protection.

4th house is aspected by Mars and its significator Moon is also aspected by Mars and in debility, made him leave is home country.
Turns to be very abusive at home, wife approached for remedies as she can not take more. Native turns to break a lot stuff at home during night. Pishacha energy is very high. Home peace is destroyed, and too much suffering for wife and kids.

Since Mars is also the 6th House Lords, suffered from severe black magic and everything was ruined, had to move to different country for a fresh start.
Spouse complains that Native is different person after sunset, and was scared of him, as she thinks he can do anything.

Case II

Pishacha Yoga in 4th house

Here again the yoga is formed in 4th house, very disturbed home and emotions. Both Venus and Moon are severely damaged, there by giving emotional problems. In future will face a lot issues with relationship as Pishacha Yoga with Venus gives her a high sexual energy, which is also supported by the Sapra Dosha, but affliction to Venus will not give stable relationships unless Venus and Moon Curse is removed. The Native had so much fighting energy, that ultimately I advised her Mother to get her into boxing or martial arts. Now the native wants to become a professional boxer.

Case III

Pishacha Yoga in Lagna

Here we see this the yoga is in Lagna, with exalted Ketu and in a powerful Sign of Sagittarius. Even Jupiter is afflicted Rahu in Bhadhak, Jupiter has managed to protect the child a lot. Jupiter is lagna lord and aspecting it so as long Jupiter stays strong he will reduce the negative effects.

We see that the native is born in Amavasya (New Moon) as both Sun and Moon conjoin the only hope is Jupiter, to have normal life.
Since Rahu in Bhadhak and Mercury and Venus caught up in Amavasya (New Moon), black magic, paranormal or ghost attack is bound to happen in Dasa of Mercury, Venus or Moon. He will face all these problems when the dasa comes, as it permanent. Only Mahadeva is his protection and he has been advised to strictly adhere to a vegetarian diet and worship of Lord Shiva everyday.



  1. This makes sense to me now! I was going through a hard time with my mother in law
    This conjunction is in the 10th house of my d9 chart…


  2. What happens when this conjunction of Mars and Ketu happens in the 3rd house for Virgo ascendent in the sign of Scorpio.

    I was wondering about the degree distance between the Mars and Ketu. Would it still form Pishacha yogas when the Mars holds lower degree than Ketu?


  3. Is this conjuction also bad in 8th house for a scorpio lagna girl,Since Mars is lagnesh. Is it possible for her that there will be domestic violence etc??


  4. Sir

    My son is Makara Lagna and Makara Rasi. Now 16 years old. He has Rahu in 4th house, Saturn in 7th and Guru in 9th house, Mars and Ketu in 10th house. Surya, Sukra and Mercury in 11th house.

    Any effect due to Mars + Ketu in 10th house? Mars 208.94° degrees, Ketu 185.29°degrees

    Any remedies?


    1. Make his Saturn Very Strong. Worship Varuna Deva on Saturday. Make sure he gets up early. Send him to Study abroad or outstation if possible. Give your son this mantra to chant: Om MahaGanapataya Namah. 4 rounds of 108 on a rosary of red sandalwood.
      Make sure he eats some sweets every day, secondly wear a navy blue belt in the belly region is very good.
      He is blessed with a Raj Yoga in a foreign land, away from home town. Get his Sade Sati pooja done separately.


  5. Is there a mention of Mars Ketu being Pisacha yoga in any texts. The combination given for that yoga is a different one. What happens in this combination is Ketu will block the free flow of the Martian energy and all that blocked energy builds up like a pressure cooker and gets released in an non-systematic way from time to time. This combination is good for research works when in scorpio. I was watching a song of one Alize Jacotey on youtube and she has this combination. You can see she has that magnetic energy.


    1. Ketu and Mars in Scorpio is Maha Ganapati Yoga also, but it depends on Moon. Pisacha Yoga also very high energy, if this energy is used for study and writings then it very positive but for that we need the support of strong Jupiter. Else total pisacha yoga will dominate


      1. I have this conjunction in 9th house of D9 and I faced extreme anger issues in past which caused a bad break up although i loved him so much… 😦 Mars is scorpio in D1 alone (Gemini ascendant) and mars ketu in D9 in Capricorn (Taurus navamsa) I am 30+
        but unmarried as Saturn in my 7th in D1 and in 1st in D9.. How to pacify this Mars Ketu in D9? (P.S. I don’t follow hindu religion so cannot do Pooja as remedy)


      2. I have moon mars and ketu in 12th house scorpio sign and jupiter in saggitarius aacendant. Is pisacha yoga still involved. How will it be interpreted.
        Thank You.


      3. Yes, Pisacha Yoga is there and it may cause damage to the mother and married life. Since Jupiter in its own sign is blocked by Mars and Ketu in the 12th house. Jupiter needs the moon to protect you. Remedy the Moon. Learn Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana and start it. Please check first if your Horoscope permits you for Bhuvaneshwari Pooja.


  6. This combination generates a lot of energy in the body. The person becomes like a magnet for energy vampires like Pisachas. The combination in itself is not a bad one especially if the person has some protection from positive entities or gods. The whole universe is an energy transaction matrix. Middle east has oil and it attracts the western vampires. Like that when one has a lot of energy in their body, they can attract vampiric entities who are looking for energy. We eat food for energy and there are beings who derive energy through other means.


  7. Sir, I have this yoga in my 12th house. Vrischika lagna. Moon + Rahu in 6th house. My sense of smell is gone. Please recommend a remedy. 🙏 Thank you so much for writing this!


    1. 12 house is afflicted and 4th house is also affected since karaka Moon is with Rahu. Moon from Vrischika Lagna is also Bhadhakesh in 6th house with Rahu is extremely bad. Please book a reading or consult privately this a very serious matter.


  8. namaste sir, what if this yoga is in 11th house(dasamsa chart, Aquarius ascendant according to d-10 chart ) and aspected by moon and Rahu and Jupiter in 12 house(as earlier said in the example kundali that Jupiter in 12th house is not good)


    1. Namaste, Dasamsa is different from the Rasi chart. If this yoga is there in 11th house then it good, some will always protect you in your office. 11th house in Dasamsa chart is your friend in the office. Jupiter indeed is not good, Jupiter dasa will create issues in work.


  9. Hello Sir, I have Mars + Ketu in Scorpio which is my 5th house from lagna. We are blessed with 2 kids. But my son(Elder one) is a special child. And my son’s lagna is Taurus where ketu is present. Any remedies would help us? Thanks in Advance.


    1. I have to see the whole chart to provide remedies. Ketu in Taurus is not good for health. I will advise to you to talk to me in private. You have to make the Lagna strong of the child.


  10. Namaste Sir!

    In synastry: if a man has D1: mars in the 12th house ( capricorn utt.ashad.) and opposites with his moon ( cancer punarvasu ) almost the same degrre 0.33 and the woman has: ketu in the 6th house ( uttar.ashad 3.21 ) and rahu 12th house ( cancer pushya 3.21 ) so what does it mean like mars/ketu rahu/moon in relationship?
    great bed pleasures or jealousy or even bad?

    ( maybe its important D1 man: vishaka venus , D1 woman anuradha venus)

    Thank you so much!


    1. Greetings
      Respected Sir
      DOB- 15-5-1991
      TIME- 12:40 AM
      2) KETU ,MOON, MARS IN 10TH- D10
      Request you to kindly please specify is there a problem? If yes what exactly is it?

      Warm Regards & deep respects


  11. This combination in my 22 Nakshatra venus sun in 8th Ketu 9th and experience as you have discussed with entities and possession, (when going through break up with nasty X and his witch girlfriend) Going through sadisati period. In my lagna Venus Sun and Ketu in my 4th house. Aires ascendent, Scorpio moon, sun cancer. Please help. Thank you.


  12. Have this in my third house , Ketu aspects 7th house , have moon in 7th house in Aries sign. Will it affect the dasha of Moon? Moon being the lord of 10th house is in 7th house.


  13. Hi Sir,
    My Son has got Retrograde Mars and ketu in capricon in 4th house and his lagna lord Venus
    is in 11th house and saturn in 3rd house with moon.
    How his life is going to be?


      1. This is true, eight house Ketu and Mars is conducive to broken engagements ,separation divorce,and they don’t have child luck ,I have seen this even of native’s spouses have strong yogas.
        This combination makes the native borderline psychotic .
        Especially ,if it’s mool nakshatra native with this combination it’s horrible temper,low education ,high ego ,very conniving personality. Native’s Mother is accused of theft and sister had multiple affairs, are named for breaking off both marriages of this native by the families and communities.
        Native’s Father has non bailable warrant on him.
        Sister got pregnant before 18 and later was married to the perpetrator and stays with him and kids at native’s abode.
        Natives father mortgaged property and lost business revenue after breakdown of native’s marriage wife went , Lakshmi went literally.
        His posts went various cases against natives father.
        7.37 AM
        Dombivali. Mah. Ind
        I have studied many this horoscope is perfect example.


  14. Namaste, my concern is with my son’s santana yoga and kutumb yoga. According to Namvasa Kundali
    He is ascendant of Libra having mars ketu in 5th house, moon in 6th, jupiter in 2nd,Rahu in 11th house, Sun in 10th house, (Mercury,Venus and Saturn) in 12th house. He is my only son. If any issue you find please give me remedies. Thank you.


  15. What would change in the meaning if Saturn is involved and holds the lowest degree and the combination happens in moksha sign Piesces? Would this surpress the intense Mars/Ketu energy a bit or create more warzone? Thank you.


      1. Thank you very much for the answer. I am aware it does not literally mean moksha. Used this word as a characteristic, because it is difficult to understand the mechanics of the whole picture when pisces is involved.


  16. Sir,What happens when this conjunction of Mars and Ketu (Pischacha yoga) happens in the 2 nd house for Libra ascendent in the sign of Scorpio?


  17. Hi, My son has Moon and Rahu in 4th house, Ketu and Mars in 10th house and guru and Shukra in 7th house. I am having a lot of issues. He is 2.5 years old. can you pleas suggest any remedies for him.

    Thank you!


    1. Priya Ji He is having a very malefic sapra dosha and Pisaca Yoga. Jupiter is the saving grace, But i have to see the full chart to give any remedies. I have to see your chart since the child is very young. Please Book a reading. Meanwhile read Madhusudhan Stotra and chant Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.


  18. Hi
    Tnx for the fruitful stuff on the site.
    What other conjunctions/yogas denote relation with supernatural entities?
    Does Ketu + Mars in fiery signs mean possessing a spirit or possessed by a spirit?
    and BTW what is the role of degrees? ketu having less degree or mars having less degree


  19. sir my ascendent is leo and sun & venus in placed in ascendent. Rahu in 4 house while mars + Ketu in 10 house. Jupitor in 9 house. I am facing problem in present rahu dasha. Any remedy please


  20. I have this yoga in 11th house ,I’m a Aquarius ascendant moon and Rahu aspecting it from the 5th house. I’m clueless 😩


  21. Real estate carrier?- Scorpio ascendant-Mars ketu in 8th house,Moon rahu in 2nd house,Saturn in 3rd house,Sun mercury jupiter in10th house,Venus in 11th house


  22. House Start Cusp End Planets in it

    1st 27 Sc 12′ 41.89″ 12 Sg 12′ 41.89″ 27 Sg 12′ 41.89″ As, Ju
    2nd 27 Sg 12′ 41.89″ 12 Cp 12′ 41.89″ 27 Cp 12′ 41.89″ Ra
    3rd 27 Cp 12′ 41.89″ 12 Aq 12′ 41.89″ 27 Aq 12′ 41.89″
    4th 27 Aq 12′ 41.89″ 12 Pi 12′ 41.89″ 27 Pi 12′ 41.89″
    5th 27 Pi 12′ 41.89″ 12 Ar 12′ 41.89″ 27 Ar 12′ 41.89″
    6th 27 Ar 12′ 41.89″ 12 Ta 12′ 41.89″ 27 Ta 12′ 41.89″ Ve, Sa
    7th 27 Ta 12′ 41.89″ 12 Ge 12′ 41.89″ 27 Ge 12′ 41.89″
    8th 27 Ge 12′ 41.89″ 12 Cn 12′ 41.89″ 27 Cn 12′ 41.89″ Su, Ma, Me, Ke
    9th 27 Cn 12′ 41.89″ 12 Le 12′ 41.89″ 27 Le 12′ 41.89″ Mo
    10th 27 Le 12′ 41.89″ 12 Vi 12′ 41.89″ 27 Vi 12′ 41.89″ Ur, Pl
    11th 27 Vi 12′ 41.89″ 12 Li 12′ 41.89″ 27 Li 12′ 41.89″
    12th 27 Li 12′ 41.89″ 12 Sc 12′ 41.89″ 27 Sc 12′ 41.89″ Ne

    Namaste sir,

    Please kindly explain what’s happening here with the houses.

    Much appreciate your guidance.


  23. Namaste,

    I have Ketu Mars and venus in 10th house in navamsa.. but Ketu is at 1 degree, venus is 22, mars 27. This is happening in Aquarius. Is there still pisacha yoga happening? Or are they far enough away from Ketu? Is there the likelihood of my first spouse leaving me, as it is told to happen if these three planets are together in the natal chart?
    Thank you very much


  24. Hi…I know someone who has Rahu n Saturn in leo lagna and Sun,Ketu n Mars ( combust ) in 7th house aquarius,Mercury in 8th deblited,Moon in tauras,Jupiter retro in Cancer ( 12th) n Jupiter dasha going….What will be the consequences for this married female….thanks


  25. i am Leo lagna 29 degree, with moon in the 2nd house 0.4 degree,
    ketu and march very close conjunct in 4th house Scorpio. Saturn 6 degree sag and mercury late degree sag.
    Sun and venus close conjunct with 4 degree in 6th house Capricorn,
    JUPITER in 18 degree Aquarius.

    is moon supportive in the case of mars ketu conjunction !
    Is Jupiter strong enough for mars ketu conjuration or not! how can i make Jupiter more strong
    i am last date year 86 born, Saturn Jupiter parivartan any good !
    what can i do for combust Venus

    lost a male child on 16th April 2019. 4 days before due date – still born
    lost almost all hairs at 20 years old
    stuck in career for past 6 and a half years.
    struggling to finance myself for master degree.
    separation from wife; work in gulf county so only get to be with her once a year for a month or so. financial situation along with family responsibility does not allow me to get her here

    yes, mother was very strict during childhood, was rough and beat me a lot.
    yes left home country in early 2005
    yes short tempered but got better as matured but still quite a bit temper
    yes own house and land but not on my name. on mother name. worry that could result in legal issue with brother
    yes gallbladder removed in April 6 2019
    yes inflammation in body. right neck to leg problem with nerves problem as well
    yes extremely sexual – how can i calm it down !



  26. My friend has ketu mars and moon (in Virgo) in 8th house from my moon. My moon is Satabhish. My rising sign is Scorpio (Anuradha) and sun is Virgo. Is this a bad relationship? Thank you.


  27. If Mars in 12th house Aries 28 degrees , Ketu 0 degrees Taurus 1st house (mean node) is this yoga still formed ? Thanks 🙏


  28. I have mars in the 6th aspecting ketu in the 12th in my navamsa. Mars is conjunct Venus and Rahu in the 6th and Ketu is conjunct Mercury in the 12th and they all aspect each other. What do you think about that?


  29. Sir, i have this combination of Ma + Ke in 6th house. Lot of anger within me due to all the hurdles in life. I always try to be as much calm as possible, follow mantra chanting like om namah shivaya or Gayatri mantra. But the energy if unforgiving and keeps scratching old memories.
    18-01-1986, 2 pm , delhi
    I have consulted so many astrologers but it doesn’t seems to get better. Please guide.


    1. Do this mantra in the morning. Wake up early around 4 am and then take a bath. Then do this Ganesh Mantra ॐ ह्रीं गं ह्रीं माहागणपतये नमः स्वाहा | om hrīṁ gaṁ hrīṁ māhāgaṇapataye .


      1. I want to clear my doubt of correct pronunciation.

        ॐ – OM or AUM
        ह्रीं – hreemm or hreeng
        गं – Gam or Gan or gañg

        Please guide me.


  30. I feel it everyday- Scorpio ascendant-Mars ketu in 8th house,Moon rahu in 2nd house,Saturn in 3rd house,Sun mercury jupiter in10th house,Venus in 11th house


  31. Sir I have ketu mars venus and sun in 10th house in navamsa being cancer ascendant i read some where that a lot of karma you have to pay you may have karmic relationship ?? Plz tell some thing about this sir 🙏🙏🙏


  32. Hello Sir,

    Cancer Lagna, Picses Rashi. Mars Rahu in 12th house. I don’t get angry at all . Maybe sometimes. I don’t get into fights at all. Though I am attracted towards Kali Ma. Ju – Sun in 3rd House. Moon in 9th.


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