Dispelling Misconceptions: The 12th House

ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय

The 12th house, there so many misconceptions about this house, some say its moksha (when they don’t know what moksha is) ; loss or secret things etc. But none of them know what the 12th house really is?

12th House & Pieces

The Natural 12th house is Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter and Ketu. (Yes Pisces has two lords, First is Jupiter as its home (Svashestra) and Office of Ketu (Molatrikona). The Significator of 12th house is Saturn, as it is chaya (shadow) house from lagna.

Pisces is very benefic sign. It’s symbol is two fishes, one going upwards and other going downwards. It represents oceans, and the Moon was born in Pisces along with Lakshmi.
Yes all planets are born in different signs. This knowledge of ancient astrology (Vriddha Jyotish) is almost lost.
Pisces is also the exaltation sign of Venus and Venus loves to be 12th house, as it gives a beautiful character and direction in life.

Character of the House

Is 12th house a bad house? No, it is the most important house in your chart. This is the house that created your lagna, as it comes before you, and created your mind (as it created the moon). The 12th house is the most beautiful house of your chart. You take any horoscope, who has malefic planets in 12th house, see their lives, full of stress, and for women it is far more worse to have malefics in 12th house. All their relationship with spouse is gone.

12th house is lap of the divine mother, 9th from 4th house. a beautiful 12th house is blessing of the Mother divine for her favorite children.

So why people say 12th house is bad. People who have greed in their hearts think 12th house is bad, as this house teaches us to give.

In Dattatreya Upanishad, the Upadesa of Bramha to Manusya (Human) was द (Da) which means Dana i.e. to Donate.
12th house is all about giving, what we can give to others, that is why Venus the planet that symbolizes love and sacrifice exalts here.

What 12th house is?

  1. Its show your feet, shoes and cleanliness.
  2. Your capability to smell (very advance vedic astrology).
  3. It is house of sleeping, your bed, and pleasures of bed. A good sleeping pattern is seen from 12th house.
  4. House of expenses and giving. What all we spend and give is seen from here.
  5. The House of Faith.
  6. House of Direction: 12th house is the feet, where our feet is going we are there only. It shows direction, in life, good or bad. What places we like to go. Temples or Liquor Shops. This called Gati of Life.
  7. House of foreign and overseas travelling.
  8. Its shows what is going away, or we can lose in life.
  9. Most Important: It is house of marriage, 7th house is of relationships, not marriage. We share our life with spouse, the same bed till the end. 7th house may have many love affairs but marriage is always 12th house.
  10. House of passing away. 12th house is our going away, and plays a major role in our deaths.

12th house shows our spiritual path and believe system. How much material (Fish going downward) or spiritual we are (Fish going upwards) we are.

12th house is not moksha. Moksha is freedom of soul, seen from your Atma Karaka, in your bhagyamsa (Destiny Chart, Karakamsha).
Here 12th house from Lagna is for body and mind movement, soul has nothing to do with it.
Moksha is salvation of soul, not body.

These are few important things the comes from 12th house, that I consider important to mention.

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  1. Hello Akshatji,

    It has been mentioned in your article that Saturn is karaka for 12th house, at the same time you also mentioned anyone having a malefic in 12th house is miserable! How is that so?
    To take an eg, a chart with Capricorn or Aquarius lagna has Lagnesh in 12th house. Should one consider this to be miserable(Lagnesh in 12th) or a blessing(Karaka Saturn in 12th)?


    1. Saturn in 12 house is good, but not as lagna lord or Varesha. Because lagna lord and Varesha have the energy of Mars and Sun, which is not good as it is chaya bhava.
      Saturn in 12th house is double edge, it good from the point of view of karaka, and shows sorrow is going away from life. But being a malefic in the 12 it affects marriage and mind.


      1. This is beautiful topic to discuss. I have my Moon in Scorpio here alone and it is the planet which holds the lowest degree. I’m living in Europe now for almost 18yrs. My foreign settlement is real . Can’t see myself returning from my homeland where I grew up. Astrology is an eye-opening key to the mystery of my journey.


  2. Thank you Akshatji for your reply. If such a Saturn is aspected by benefics, then does it remove or reduce the malefiscence of Saturn?
    Thank you once again!


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