Flaws in Time: Sankranti Dosha

Pancānga: The Five Limbs Time

Pancānga is the almanac followed from Vedic times in India. Pancānga means five limbs. The concept of time is divided into 5 parts.

  1. Vāra (Solar Day)
  2. Nakṣatra (Lunar Constellation)
  3. Tithi (Lunar Day)
  4. Karaṇa (Half Lunar Day)
  5. Yoga (Union of Sun & Moon)

These five parts of time denote the five elements and the 5 Mahapurusha Yogas. These five limbs of time are very important in Vedic astrology as they denote different aspects in the native’s life. For example, if the Tithi Lord is afflicted in the chart, then the native’s relationship with spouse will be ruined.


Saṁkranti is the time when the Sun changes signs. Saṁkranti is on the day when Sun enters into a sign, that means the Sun in Zero degrees of the sign. The whole day will be saṁkranti. Therefore there are 12 Saṁkrantis, one each month when the Sun enters into the new sign.

The 12 Saṁkrantis

  1. Mesha Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Aries.
  2. Vrishabha Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Taurus.
  3. Mithuna Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Gemini.
  4. Karka Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Cancer.
  5. Simha Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Leo.
  6. Kanya Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Virgo.
  7. Tula Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Libra.
  8. Vrishika Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Scorpio.
  9. Dhanu Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Sagittarius.
  10. Makara Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Capricorn. This Saṁkranti is celebrated all over India as the Gods wake up.
  11. Kumbha Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Aquarius.
  12. Mina Saṁkranti: When the Sun enters Pisces.

Most people only know about Makara Saṁkranti, as it widely celebrated, but there are 12 of them.

Saṁkranti Doṣa

The Sun creates the seven solar days called Vāra. Solar day is seen from sunrise to next sunrise. It does not change from mid night. The rest is same as the seven weekdays. The day the person is born its lord is called Varesha, and it very important to maintain health and wealth of the native. It has to be strong and well placed in the chart for good health and sustaining wealth.

Saṁkranti the day of solar ingress into the new zodiac sign, when the Sun is Zero degrees of the sign. The whole day is Saṁkranti and has Saṁkranti Dosa.
People who are born in Saṁkranti, there Vāra lord (Varesha) is destroyed. The houses lorded Vāra Lord are completely destroyed, and any planets or arudhas placed in these houses also become defunct. This is major a Doṣa and can destroy the native’s life. Sage Parashar says Saṁkranti denotes the wrath of Lord Shiva and brings poverty and misfortune, unless proper remedial procedures are not done.

There are seven weekdays so there are seven types of Saṁkranti Doṣa

DaySaṁkranti Doṣa Name
The Seven Types of Saṁkranti Doṣa

The Native is born on Sunday, on Tula Saṁkranti, as the Sun has just entered Libra. We can see the Sun is Zero degrees, so the Saṁkranti Dosa is there. Since the day is Sunday this is Ghora Saṁkranti. Sun is the lord of Sunday so the house owned by the Sun is destroyed. Here the 2nd house is being destroyed. The 2nd house denotes accumulated wealth, extended family, eating habits, etc. She was born in a very rich and influential family, but she severed the ties with her family over the issue of love marriage.
In this specific chart, the 2nd house is also a very important house for work, her work life is not stable at all.
The remedy in her case is worship of Lord Shiva as Mahakaal, along with Mrityunjaya mantra everyday, and Kalash Pooja with specific mantra on Saṁkrantis. The native will not do any remedies as both Rahu and Saturn aspects the 9th house, and Jupiter its lords is placed 8th from it.

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