The Varga Charts are key to Vedic Astrology. They give us the ability to magnify the Rashi Chart and do pinpoint predictions and remedies. The three divisional charts that are a must for a Vedic astrologer to see are Rashi, Jagannath Drekkana and Navamsa. These three can give a complete picture of Physical reality, Karma Manifestation and Destiny. In my tradition of Shri Achutadasa, we are taught 16 divisional charts that are a must for a Raj Jyotish to see.

Different types of Navamsa like Somnath Navamasa, Nadi Navamsa, Pada Navamsa and Parashar Navamsa represent different aspects of our internal self and destiny. The Navamsa we focus on is Parashar Navamsa which is generally called Navamsa only and is most widely used.

Parashar Navamsa

This is simple Navamsa and is used to determine various aspects of life like marriage, destiny, birth circumstances, abilities, protection, etc. I am not going to teach the calculation which can be learnt from any standard text. The point to remember is that every Rashi will have 9 navamsas and 108 Navamsas in total corresponding to 108 Nakshatra Pada. Navamsa forms the basis of Nakshatra’s study and makes it very easy to see.

Navamsa simply means nine divisional of a Rashi. So navamsa is also used to check destiny and dharma hence it is also called Dharmamsa many times. The main distinguishing feature of Navamsa is that it maps to the 7th House of the Zodiac and not the 9th house.

A good spouse is a gift from the past life and yes matches are made in Heaven and Navamsa is active even before the birth of a child.

Navamsa Houses

The First House

The 1st House of Navamsa tells us about the birth circumstances, skin colour, face structure, innate abilities and internal nature. Planets here influence all of these and give a very deep impact on us. This is the house for born talent. Planets here can also make one extremely beautiful or ruin the face.

Dear Guru Ji Pandit Sanjay Rath

This is the chart of my dear Guru Ji Pt. Sanjay Rath. Check the Navamsa Lagna the sign rising is Scorpio with Venus and Ketu. He is a natural when it comes to occult sciences and a master of Vedic astrology. Ketu in Scorpio is mighty and has given him impeccable acumen for Jyotish, especially Jaimini Sutras. Venus is the power of foresight and predictions.
Advance tip: Venus is also Karna Lord in the chart which makes him very focused on his work.

We also see the Navamsa Lagna is the 9th House of Rashi. He is very devoted to his Gurus, Dharma and our Tradition. He has a very strong sense of duty and dharma. This is how Navamsa tells everything. Om Gurave Namah.

The Second House

The 2nd House of Navamsa is very peculiar. It shows the 2nd marriage (has the power to break the first marriage). It also shows the wealth of a person and what type of professional inclination has. The Navamsa 2nd house behaves like the 10th house of D1. This house has Indra Dosha. Indra is Digpala Devata who sits in the 10 House when Sun is there. Indra Dosha means one may get sexually abused or raped at a young age. Two many planets in the 2nd house for females possess great danger. The only planet to prevent is Ketu.

Arushi Talvar

Everyone knows what tragedy befell the little girl. She was found murdered in her bedroom. Look at the 2nd house. There is no planet but has Rashi Dristi (Aspect of Signs) of the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Ketu was the only planet trying to protect her innocence but the other three malefics were too strong for Ketu to handle alone. There are other yogas also that confirm she was abused from a young age by a servant (Saturn). One must be careful on the Navamsa 2nd house, it may take away your innocence.

Protecting our children from sexual abuse.

ॐ वस्त्रं मे देहि शुक्राय नमः |om vastraṁ me dehi śukrāya namaḥ

This is the Mantra of Sukracharya, the Guru of Night. Chanting this mantra protects from sexual abuse and removes all such doshas. It is a must for young girls as this mantra is absolutely fantastic.

The Third House

The 3rd house of Navamsa gives us gains and good luck. It also shows us the equipment which we may use for our profession and earnings. Planets in the 3rd House also give marriage during their period. The planets in the 3rd house of Navamsa can also be used a lucky charm.

The Fourth House

The 4th of Navamsa is completely opposite the 4th house of the D1 chart. The 4th house in Navamsa is Khara Bhava. Khara means bad, evil or causing injury. Malefics here cause great problems and damage health. They can also cause death or death-like suffering. Benefics here will always try to save you by providing medicine and medical help. Ideally, there should be no planets in this house.

This concept of Khara is based on the 64th Navamsa which is the evilest one. The 8th house of the Rashi Chart maps here. The 1st Navamsa of the 8th house of D1 is the 64th Navamsa and maps to this house. So the 4th House of Navamsa bears the energy of Rudra Bhava of the Rashi chart.

Franz Kafka (3 July 1883 – 3 June 1924) was a German-speaking Bohemian novelist and short-story writer, widely regarded as one of the significant figures of 20th-century literature. He died on 3 June 1924 aged 40 during Saturn Dasa Mercury antardasa. Check Saturn in the 4th house of Navamsa in debility. Its exchange with Mars makes it even more malefic. He died of Tuberculosis check-in D1 Chart as Venus is the 4th lord governing the chest and lung region, in the bhadhaka sign with Saturn and Mercury.

The Fifth House

The 5th house of Navamsa gives us the ability that we acquire through our self-effort. Planets in the 5th house give their knowledge to the native. This knowledge is self-learned and depending on the Rasi and the planet the native will have different talents which he can cultivate while growing up. This house can also give Raj Yogas. Even malefics here give their ability to the Native.
For example, Rahu in the Navamsa 5th house can give a person very good research skills, or he can work very well with explosives.

In the chart of Lata Ji, please check the 5th house of Navamsa. She has Moon as Amtya Karaka and she was one of the most successful singers in Indian History. Moon is also in Pushkara Navamsa, the undieng blessing of Guru. Singing is given by Moon while music and rhythm are from the Sun.

The Sixth House

The 6th house of Navamsa is a malefic house. This house denotes our suffering. Any planet in this house can cause suffering to the natives. Malefic Yogas here can also cause death to the spouse or trouble the marriage a lot. One should always avoid the Gemstone of the planet in the 6th house or its Lord.

The Seventh House

This House represents the first marriage. The 7th lord or planet in the 7th house of Navamsa is your first spouse. The characteristics of the Rashi, Planets and the 7th lord will be seen in the spouse. Treat the 7th House as Lagna of the first spouse and you can make all the predictions about the Native’s spouse. The Dasha and Antar Dasha of planets connected to the 7th house will give marriage.

Mahatama Gandhi married Kasturba Gandhi on May 1883. The Dasa that was running during the time was Mercury>Venus>Mars. As you can check Mercury being the Dara Karaka is have Rashi Dristi on the 7th house, and Venus is the 7th lord in the Navamsa 7th house with Mars. Check the 7th house carefully Venus in Taurus with Mar, Kasturba Gandhi was a very strong-willed woman who faced all the challenges along with her husband and never complained.
Note: The applicable Dasha System in this chart is Dwisaptati Sama Dasa.

The Eighth House

This is an extremely malefic house. This house represents the breakage of marriage, past life debts and ninja dosha. The planets here and its lord are the real problems. They can end a marriage, damage health and may end life also. The dasa of the eighth lord of Navamsa or planets in it can ruin one’s life. This is the debt you have to pay; if you don’t it will make the whole horoscope go down the drain.

Check-in Mahatama Gandhi’s Chart the 8th house is having Sun in Gemini, he has to pay the debt of the Sun and Mercury. His whole struggle for freedom of India (Sun) through non-violence (Mercury) was his debt which he paid to Shri Ram.

The Dasa when Kasturba Gandhi passed away was Mars>Mars>Moon. This Mars in MKS is aspected by both Mercury the lord of the 8th house and Saturn Karaka of the 8th house. This happened just before the start of Mercury Antar Dasha. Dasha’s results may start before Dasha begins.

The Night House

The 9th house represents the skills and abilities that we learn from a Guru or Teacher. Planets in the 9th house will give their abilities after learning from a teacher. It is a good house and benefits here also protect life. Melefics here will give abilities but may not protect life in danger.

This house also affects sexuality and may give excessive sexuality if too many planets are associated. If this house is aspected or conjoined with Jupiter then sexuality is controlled and great learning comes.

SunMusic, Rythem, Governance, Astrology, Ego
MoonSinging, Voice, Cooking, Healing, Nursing
MarsFighting, Strenght, Logic, Writing, Engineering, Astrology
MercuryReading, Learning, Sports, Writing, Non-Violence, Speech, Acting
JupiterHigher Knowledge, Vedis Knowledge, Mantra, Very High IQ
VenusArts, Cinema, Expertise, Management, Literature, Luxury, Astrology
SaturnHard-working, Construction, Strenght, Muscles, Persistence
RahuResearch, Expolisves, Spying, Over thinker, Animal Lover
KetuGenius, Mathematician, Computers, Dance, Astrology, Intuition, Reclusive
This is not exhaustive, there are so many traits and abilities which can be mapped to planets.

The Tenth House

The Tenth House of Navamsa is one that governs all your Finances. This is Artha Kendra, as the 1st Navamsa of the 2nd House of Rashi Chart maps into the 10th House of Navamsa. This House shows financial blessings from the past life. Benefics in this house give financial success and maintain wealth. Melefics here cause fortunes to fluctuate and can cause Financial Hardships.

Bill Gates

Check the 10th House of Navamsa. It has Dhana Karaka Jupiter in it. This is the blessing of Shiva from a past life that he has such huge fortunes. There are many other Dhana Yogas also present, and Navamsa shows that there is destiny for it.

The Eleventh House

The Navamsa 11th house is a very peculiar house, it can be good or bad. It shows our Maya, the illusion of life, what we love and what can also punish us. Benefics here can cause Financial Gains and Income. Dasa of the Planets in the 11th house can cause marriage also. Malefics here can cause serious suffering and punishment. The nature of the 11th house as a house of gains and punishment is very peculiar. This nature comes from the concept of Bhavat Bhavam.

Love Tip: Gift items related to your 11th House of Navamsa to your loved one. This increases love and affection. The 11th House is also the Priya Bhava.

The Twelfth House

The 12th house is a malefic house in Navamsa. This house is also called Jeevan Mukta i.e. the one who frees from life. Planets in the 12th house of Navamsa has only one objective, to end natives’ life and free the soul. Melefics here show terrible death circumstances and danger to life during its Dasha or Antara Dasha. The Chara Karaka of the planet in the 12th House of Navamsa shows who will come to take you away. The only remedy for planets in the 12th House of Navamsa is Mahavidhya Sadhana for that planet for life.

Shri Rajiv Gandhi

Shri Rajiv Gandhi has Guru Chandal Yoga (Jupiter+Rahu) in the Navamsa 12th house. Rahu shows explosives and bombs. Check carefully Rahu is in exchange with Moon. A lady bomber carried the act. Now check the Dasa also on 21 May 1991, it Rahu>Mercury>Rahu, both are Marakas in the Rashi chart and Rahu is in the 12th house of Jeevan Mukta in Navamsa.

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  1. Pranam Akshat sir! What are the implications of Atmakarak sun& rahu conjunction in swamsa in Sagittarius?

    Do they behave as if they were in 9th of of D1? If yes, could you please clarify about sun rahu conjunction in 9th house and in navamsa lagna?


      1. Thank you so much for giving us a reply.
        What skills/ abilities do the sun Rahu conjunction give? Kindly guide us


  2. so aspicioud great knowledge capricorn. lagna saturn rahu sun what it shiw plz plz tell about this conjection.. eagerly want to know.. thanks many thanks..


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