Health Issues: Bad Health in Horoscope

ॐ तेजसचन्डाय नमः | om tejasacanḍāya namaḥ

Good Health is the most important aspect of life. Without one’s health, every other aspect of life fades away. Some people are very conscious of their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle while some neglect it. But there are so many people whose health is a constant state of problem no matter what they do. This article will discuss the causes of general health problems, low energy and low immunity. Diseases will come and go, and there are so many yogas, dashas and transits that cause trouble, but if our body is strong we can take it easily.

Understanding Agni

Agni is given the most importance in Vedic culture. All auspicious activities like marriage or homa are done in the presence of Agni. There are seven types of Agni, which we deal with in a separate article. The most important part is to understand that Agni is the giver of life. Without Agni, nothing will survive. The source of all Agni is the Sun and ruler is the Mars. Now it is a two-fold action to understand. Surya is creating all the Agni, but this Agni is controlled by Mangal. Sun represents the light aspect of Agni i.e. Knowledge and Mangal represents the heat part of Agni i.e. strength. We need knowledge and strength in order to prosper.
Weak Agni in a Horoscope causes health and financial issues both. It is important to remember Sun is the source of all resources and wealth. The most important aspect of wealth is good health.

Planets Important For Good Health

  • Lagna & Lagna Lord
  • Surya & Surya Pati
  • Varesha

Lagna & Lagna Lord

Langna is starting point of our life. A strong ascendant means we have a strong constitution and we are able to maintain ourselves. Lagna is the Agni Trikona (Agni Trikona Houses – 1, 5 & 9). If Lagna fails the whole life will crumble. A strong Lagna gives good health and fame. Planets in Lagna must always be praised and worshipped to make Lagna strong. Benefic planets are most welcomed in Lagna. If there are more than three planets in Lagna they will destroy it. The worst planet to have in Lagna is Saturn as it is in Marana Karaka Sthana. A Lagna aspected or conjoined by Sun and Lagna Lord is a very strong Lagna.

Lagna Lord is the same thing. Just remember one thing Langa Lord is You. A strong Lagna Lord in Kendra will automatically make the Lagna strong. If Lagna Lord is weak then our health, intelligence and immunity get affected very badly. Debilitated, Maranaka Karaka or in Curse Lagna lords gives a lot of suffering in life and health issues also. Lagna Lord in the 6th, 7th and 12th house also causes problems. One interesting fact Lagna Lord in the 8th house is considered strong due to the concept of the Natural Zodiac. Lagna Lord behaves like Mangal, so Lagna Lord in the 1st, 8th and 10th house is considered very good. Aries is the natural 1st house, and Scorpio is the natural 8th house, both the Rashis are lorded by Mars. Capricorn in the Natural 10th house is the exaltation of Mars.

Always take the body planet as Lagna Lord for Health. Rahu and Ketu do not have a body they only interact with the mind when they function as Lagna Lords.

Surya & Surya Pati

It is common knowledge that Sun is the Karaka for Lagna. Karaka or significator is the hand of God. If karaka fails then that bhava will fall as it is the will of God. A strong Sun in the trines is the best. Sun in the 4th and 7th houses is considered weak. Sun in the 4th house is in zero digbala (midnight) and in the 7th house, it is Asta (Setting). If the Sun aspects the Lagna then Lagna becomes very strong. Sun in the 6th house, 8th House and 12th house is very bad for finances and health. The Sun hates the shadow houses from itself as his light can not reach these houses. The Shadow Houses from the Sun are the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th. If your Lagna falls in these houses from the sun that means Lagna is not having the light and blessing of Surya. Remedy is needed in this case.
Sun in the 12th house is the worst possible position, it is in Marana karaka sthana and serious remedy is needed.

Surya Pati or Lord of the Sun Sign is an equally important planet. If Surya Pati is damaged or ill placed then no matter what Surya gives we can not consume it. It shows that we can not digest the resources or energy given by the Sun. Surya Pati must be strong and well placed from Lagna and Lagna Lord both if we want to have a grabbing power. If Surya Pati is damaged then all the resources given by the Sun go to waste. Generally, if Surya Pati is weak then immunity is weak due to malnourishment.


Varesha is the day you were born. The Vedic day is from Sunrise to the next Sunrise. There are seven body planets and there are seven days. Agni is also of seven types. Your Varesha is the form of Agni that you are born with. It’s the form of Agni that the Sun God has chosen to bless you with. Varesha is the most important planet in terms of health and wealth.
Example: If a native is born on Monday then the Varesha is Moon. If the Moon is afflicted or in dusthana then the natives suffer from bad health, energy issues and financial troubles. Varesha must be strong and in a good house else Agni will fail. An afflicted Varesha in D60 causes incurable diseases as a punishment from past life karma. Varesha is the basis of all Raj Yogas for wealth in different Varga charts. We live in Bhu Loka and the ruler is Mars, Agni gives everything.

Simple Remedies

  • Make your Lagna Strong – Chant Gayatri Mantra in the Morning.
  • Make your Lagna Lord Strong – Do your Lagna Lord Mantras every day.
  • Make your Varesha Strong – Eat food associated with Varesha if well placed in Rashi and Navamsa. If Varesha becomes Khara in Navamsa then food should not be eaten.
  • Maraka Dasas, Dasas of 6th and 8th Lords cause serious problems, do remedies, chant Mrityunjaya or Rudra Mantra as per dasa requirement.

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